Thursday, 25 October 2018

The new things in the shop

As I slowly refill the shop, I leave you with some new pictures...
A garnet choker, so red it is almost black

A red coral necklace,"splendor solis"!

..and the lovely lapsilazuli. So precious and irremediably romantic.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Back from a Long Vacation

Hi everybody, how are you? 
Long time no see :D

I know I hadn't been writing on this blog forever - well, clearly, from November 2015. And I know I could just stay disappeared and leave it alone, but I think it's nicer to write a few lines about it. 

So yes, about three years ago I just stopped updating here and then, a few months later, I put on vacation mode my shop on Etsy, the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.  

Why, and what have I done meantime? Well, let's say I was still busy with some kind of creativity: I had a baby girl, and suddenly found myself embarked on a totally new adventure.

However, as you can guess, I am back online. The shop is live from August and all is working smoothly again. I think I am not going to be as prolific though, and possibly stop writing as much as I used to, because - every new mom knows -, me-time is a precious gift and I possibly won't have enough of it for blogging.

Never say never, though...

Have a nice day,

Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Knitting and Stitching Show, Dublin 2015

Yesterday I went to the Knitting and Stitching show at RDS Dublin, and took some pictures. The show is awesome, and enormous! I was impressed with the section dedicated to expositions, innovation and art, as it was much more well cared for and developed than I would thought! The commercial, the 'faire' side of the show it is naturally bigger but anyway they managed to make it  well balanced. 

Shibori Felting

An artist from Kerry, she makes giant ropes and reflects on the maker's work's value...

This philosophical coat is clearly inspired by Deleuze's The Fold...It probably also travels in time.

While these twin dresses are sophisticated and beautiful to watch moving, they also made me think of Cronenberg's Dead Ringers. Not nice.

 Anyway, if you continue with the felting, folding and stitching you eventually get a murales. Stunning.

A simple, yet cool way to say it...

Donegal tweed quilting:

The girl from this felt stall is from Poland!

Katie Moore, a personal exhibition inspired by a lifetime spent in hospitals.

A trove! Japanese area, with kimonos from a private collection and many incredible embroideries on silk... 

Here some works from the exhibition "Reflections"

More funny shops:

That's it, I'd love to upload more pictures but blogger shuts down if I try! 

Have a nice Sunday,


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

October Gardening, a Second Flowering

I don't have too many crafting updates, so I'm sharing random picks from my October gardening.  Well yes, you're right: she works from home, she makes jewellery, she sew her own clothes, and she's got a garden now...where's the cat?!?
You'll see it soon I guess! 
Sigh, I'm becoming a cliché...

However, I love it when it's sunny, because it means I can enjoy the garden with its lovely scents - which have changed a lot in the last few weeks. 
I find October kind of bitter-sweet and melancholic, but yet enjoyable. 

The fresh air is fantastic, and the colours too.


So, at the moment the queen of the garden is a decadent Begonia, totally baroque, growing fat in the shadow:

As opposed to the skinny Clematis, which is a nervous plant, skinny, possibly nasty: like a lizard, it continues regenerating spiralling up  toward the sun. It seems fragile, but it is having a late blossoming...

The herbs in their pots are doing well. They literally reach out for more sun though - sorry guys, it's Ireland!
The oregano is having a second flowering too.

I know it won't make the news me it's incredible that all these plants are flowering again in October. 
Even the cracks in the wall seem to have joined the party!

Have a nice day,


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Rentrée 2015 (a Social Media Disaster Explained).

Hello everyone,
Ultra Fine Tiger's Eye

It has been a very busy summer, with tons of orders, crafty events, and of course the new pieces to add to the shop's inventory - both in jewellery and accessories. The balance is quite positive but, paradoxically, because of this and because of the summer holidays - plus some blues due to the Irish weather -, it has also been one of the longest period without updating the blog and the other social media. A social media disaster!!!

Red Jasper

Why is that? Well, I know that for many there is no fun in doing something if you then can't show it off on instagram, twitter, or facebook. To me, it's the opposite. So, when I'm busy, well, you know, it's like children with their veggies: all the posting, twitting, status updating...quite obviously, it's the first thing I leave behind. I cant' help it.

Watercolour Dyed Jade 

Anyhow, these you see are some of the new pieces I'm publishing right now, each made out of a different gemstone...I hope you like them!


Now I'm better go back to the daily duties: before noon I must be gone and come back from the post office, the grocery shop, the pharmacy and bla,bla because then I must be here waiting for the plumber. Last time, I waited two days, so, you know...better be ready!

Yellow Dyed Jade

Have a great rentrée 2015,


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Agate Jewelry and Much More.

When it comes to crafting, my thought immediately goes to jewelry making. I reckon I'm always looking for new ideas, components, and techniques. Truth is, I don't have time to follow all the leads I gather, and every now and then I find myself deleting a few thousands bookmarks!

I think there's a reason why we like shiny things so much, and it's the same reason why there will always be room for more jewelry in a girl's heart! Well, at least in mine.

...I mean, I love sewing, and making my own clothes, but the satisfaction I gain from uploading the new items on Etsy remains unbeaten.
These days I made up for the suffering gemstone section of the shop beading up a dozen new pieces, using almost all the new gemstones. Ahem, I have more, but I promised myself I would not exceed (for the moment)!
Fortunately, I had some custom orders to fulfil so...I had to be more specific and less frivolous!
I couldn't let go on agate though, which I now have in hot pink, blue, red, yellow, and neutral colours. I like to take my chances with these little beauties.
However, yesterday, while stocking up supplies, I realised I may have a problem. I think I'm a shopaholic with a jewelry making (devious) preference! I should seek for a professional advice...and you? Do you have a crafting addiction? Let me know...

Have a nice day,