Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Another Long Week End.

Yet my shop goes on vacation for a few days. Sorry about that!

It doesn't seem, staying in Dublin, though from yesterday it's summer...Don't blame me if I take my time!

I'm mediterranean. I need sun, hot climate and siesta after lunch. Sometimes, I even thank the global warming which allows me to have all those conditions together where they should't. I see, it's not fair.

I'll be in my beloved Florence, Italy, for friday is the patron saint feast day - Saint John.

The city will be full of tourists since the florentines are already running away.

No, it's not San Fermin nor Pamplona! Nothing happens but some fireworks at midnight. Basically people hangs about in city center - possibly on the crowded lungarno - waiting for that magic moment, which regularly disappoints. Most common speech among the people afterward? "Last year it was better".

So why do I go? I dunno. Bad habits, I guess.

Have a nice week end you too!

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