Saturday, 14 January 2012

Illustrators. With a pinch of a fashion mood.

Sabrina is an Italian illustrator and fashion designer. She refers to herself as enamored by "the sensuality and the femininity represented across the art". In a nutshell, this is the concept from which her work develops.
She moves from the fashion print - sketches, or "bozzetti" in Italian - to make it a stand alone, a proper form of art, mostly digitalizing watercolor and pencil illustrations.

Sabrina, who has also a website, sells mainly her illustrations printed on canvas but also on astonishing foulards.
I really appreciate the self-awareness of her profile. And I know I'm not going to find better words than hers, so I just paste them here:

The characteristic of my style is to establish itself as a poetic representation of feminine beauty through the fusion of the ancient with the modern and technology with a classic style.
I try to portray the femininity and beauty of woman, just because I belong to this category and I believe that femininity is something that goes beyond mere the beauty.
The femininity is sensuality, is eroticism, is class, is character, is being a woman.

Well, women! After a statement like that...Go and visit her shop!

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