Friday, 6 December 2013

Community, Cooperation, Welcoming.

I'd love to show you the new chokers I made, for I like them myself very much! The second, with the rough aquamarine, is already sold. The other two, with black and white freshwater pearls, are still on sale,  and - modestly - they look fantastic!

They all feature the tibetan connector I purchased from Sue, one of my Irish teammates from Etsy Ireland. I don't talk enough about it, but teams are essential to Etsy - moreover, they are the main reason I like to sell on the platform.

I'm part of many teams, but one of my favorite is the Irish, so small and friendly! Under this respect, reality and virtuality are quite similar. As every expat knows, when you live abroad you often feel you belong nowhere. It's not a bad feeling, in fact someone thinks it's the better state ever. Leaving alone philosophy, sometimes you just feel isolated.
Fortunately, in Ireland I can always rely on great people. For instance, when I meet my neighbour, he greetings me as such: "...Buongiorno! Come sta?!" 

..."I'm fine! How are you doing?" it's my answer, as I know those are the only Italian words he knows. Just so. You won't believe it, but our daily exchange in Italenglish makes me feel so good!

Have a nice week end,


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