Friday, 18 February 2011

First in the morning.

Is it true that a creative personality and rooted habits cannot cohabit in the life of a balanced mind? Or is the contrary true, that habits can help daydreamers to channel their imagination? Are habits self-settled rules equipollent to “put stones in the pocke­ts”, with the explicit purpose of not flying away? Or is the contrary mostly true, that if you care about your habits you probably are neurotic? I sincerely do hope not, since I'm very affected by my little rituals and I consider myself an imaginative person, a born artisan and occasionally something more.

In fact, I don't need these morning rituals, but if I only had the chance I'd have them every morning. They help me to realize I'm still here. That's because I generally wake up in a mild mind confusion. I don't know what kind of sleeping activity mine is, but the impression is that I dream a lot - though I sleep very deeply.­

I think I wake up when I get bored of all those naughty angels straining at my hairs: and this fact is confirmed by the mirror.

So, this is my perfect awakening... Silence, but not too much. Sounds coming from outside, something which testifies the world is still there as I left it before falling asleep. No cell phones or bells ringing, that is the worst way to start the day.

First thing in the morning, I like to have a good italian coffee, not the celebrated espresso you may order in those fancy locations, of course, but the moka's one. I think it's due to my mediterranean origins, since while travelling I found out that no one else drinks this smooth, dark beverage. 

Some notes about coffee: everyone likes his/her/its coffee. Espresso is very good, but leaves me completely unsatisfied in the morning because of the small quantity. And I can't drink three espressos without getting sick. What we call Filter Coffee and the Americano (although they are not the same at all) are too delicate: they have a comforting effect, not very useful in the morning. The only good alternative to my beloved moka could be a little amount of boiling water in the espresso, but I warn you: that is not exactly coffee.
We won't speak here about those half coffee-half malt drinks they give you on the ships, that on 2011 a.d. it is still a self-evident case of emergency.  

Back to my morning: to me the perfect size of a moka machine is the three cups, of which I quickly drink two thirds. I obviously add an immoderate sugar quantity. Later in the morning I'll have the leftover. 

Then I roll up a cigarette with this sort of honey tasting - full of preservatives - mysteriously blended and completely unhealthy tabacco, so please don't imitate me.
An advice about missing lighters: always check near the fireplace and in your trousers' pockets before unfairly accusing your friends.

I usually love to read a newspaper, but since life is not an american neighbourhood and no one brings newspapers to me spontaneously, I have to browse my favorite online news websites: that means ANSA for the italian news, a local bulletin depending on where I am, some worldwide news from BBC or NYT if I'm in a cosmopolitan mood.
Before the internet era, I used to read the newspaper of the day before, without any panic.
An old comic book is good too, especially when I'm on vacation.  

Then eventually - and this is the actual third morning habit - I look up the most important web address: the horoscope. Checking out the horoscope is clearly the best part of the day. I immediately forget what I read, but I know I have stocked the content somewhere.

It's just to feel the world a little bit more cozy.

And that's all. Generally the rituals end properly: the outcome is rationality, presence to myself, and usually a good humor. I start my day.

I think these little pleasures give me the time to remember I knew it would be a good day and that life is a damn'd blessing.  

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