Sunday, 20 February 2011

My top model

If you visited my shop you'd probably notice there are many B&W photos of a beautiful girl wearing some of my handmade costume jewels.

I just followed the suggestions offered by ETSY to its consumers - which are actually sellers: if you can, show how your products look once worn.

It took me some time to decide, since I'm not familiar with photography.

Then I said to myself: at least, you have to try.

So, I just asked to a dear friend of mine if she'd have liked to let me take some pictures of her wearing my stuff. Surprisingly, she said: why not? And this already made me much more confident with the project.

So, I'm very pleased to introduce you my own top model!

Besides my esty shop, we discovered that we have a lot of fun doing this.

We start our sessions drinking coffee and chatting and smoking. Then we start working, we laugh and joke and we are not serious at all. When we're tired, we stop.

After she's gone, I upload the photos and since we are both completely unexperienced and we don't have a good place nor the right lights/lamps et cetera, I discard at least two third of the shots. They're of course mostly trash.

When I've chosen the pictures I like the most, I show them to my friend and ask her if she wants them online. I'd actually like to be fair about this. She has to like herself, otherwise I would feel bad. Girly issues.

Finally, I post the photos where I think it's necessary.

The experience of those winter afternoons catching images, hunting for a bright look or a funny expression makes me realize how much I've missed sharing a project. 

I'm a **** creative, I have to share.

Moreover, I'm a stranger in this town. It's not easy to live without bounds and those seemingly eternal friendships. As a foreigner, you live more deeply and personally the fact that people in your life are coming and going, and that everything is temporary. 

My friend and I are going to keep on doing this until she stays here. 
The Germans have a word for this. 
It sounds like "mates for a part of life".


  1. Great pictures, your friends looks so happy and fresh :D I like very much your words too :)