Thursday, 10 March 2011


Venerdì 11 Marzo, ore 21.00
al primo piano della Biblioteca, sala contemporanea.

To whom it may concern, i.e. travelling and Florence-based Etsians!

"Tonight we are going to talk about the violated body of women. 
Starting from the philosophical notions of the body coming from Leib and Körper - and more generally the ones belonging to the phenomenological tradition of thought (Husserl) -, we are going to face with some specific forms of violation of the woman's body. 
The topic will be considered on the basis of its cultural and religious aspects just to land at the psychological one. There is indeed the purpose of building a more effective reflection on this issue, existing for society and for individuals as well, by means of concepts generally lying beyond the horizon of the preposed institutions." 

(Humana.mente, Journal of Philosophical Studies, press release)

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