Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Long Beaded Link Chain Necklaces

They are not actually so long. Long is indeed the story of the technique I use to create these original necklaces. But I'd probably have to say "rare" rather than "original" since, at least in Florence, Italy, the loop is the first thing you learn in jewelry making and there's not necessarily any originality in my crafts. Nonetheless, I haven't seen anything similar walking around. They must be totally out of fashion. And that's probably the reason why I like them so much. It's a destiny, I'm always late.

The ones I'm going to show you here are mostly recalled as "beaded link chain necklaces".  I hope that's true, or at least precise, since I'm not english mother tongue and I didn't find any other definition for the jewels nor the technique itself.  They can't be classified as chain (bead, herringbone, curb) and the way you craft them is slightly different from "wire wrapping" or "chain maille".
Since I had't a clue, I did some research.

Allegedly, in Etruria (which nowadays is actually Tuscany, Italy) these necklaces were already in use, but more informations about their usage come out with latin written textes.

According to Plinio il Vecchio (23 AD -79 AD), in ancient Rome pearl necklaces were the jewels of the goddesses and, first among all, of Venus. Nowadays, thanks to archeology, we know that roman women themselves used to wear pearl necklaces made out of fake pearls enchained with gold wire, approximately one and a half feet long.

Actually they are described as exactly alike the ones I make.

Since then, they show up within museum collections in a random order, and that makes me think that perhaps,  as all the techniques involving beauty and decor, from time to time they have had revivals.

Where I learnt how to craft, in Florence, Italy, they used to call them "Chanel necklaces" - tributing honor to the great Coco - because of the usage of chaining up the beads and the length (sautoir), which was very popular in the Belle Epoque and in the 1940's as well.

Nevertheless, if I had to consider culturally a first reference, I'd say that the technique is the same of any rosary.

I think the truth lies the way you wear them: and I'd like you to wear my beaded link chain necklaces in a Coco Chanel spirit: charming, refined, bizarre. 


My Goddess’ Necklace is for instance a beaded link chain necklace in pastel colors. More precisely, it is a handmade Sautoir made out of ivory crystal pearls, antique rose and grey beads, linked into a chain. This very luminous pattern is then enriched by real baroque pearls - cultured - and indigo crystals (1 cm diameter).

The Goddess’ Necklace has no clasp but due to its length (120cm / almost 4 feet) you can both wrap it around the neck twice or wear it all the way down to your chest. This is up to you!

Eventually, it is more than a necklace: it is the outcome of a laborious work and a wonderful vintage-style item: a must-have, simple, high-class style jewel!

The Retro Beaded Link Chain Blue is instead more similar to a rosary, and more precisely it is an opera- length  necklace (60 cm approximately) made out of micro brass flat headpins enchaining tiny little electric blue drops.

Brass rings soften the classic pattern. There is no clasp. This retro beaded link chain is instead not too long and can be peacefully used as a lace for many charms, pendants, crosses or any other kind of talisman. 
Differently from the others, the Blue Drops Link Chain is still made out of metal but as light as a feather: It gives you indeed a very special tactical sensation.

The latter is the more eccentric beaded link chain made out of transparent and lavender crystals, crystal pearls, filigree beads and embellished by coral pink, turquoise blue, ivory white and gold beads. Moreover, many brass little roses figure as decorations.

All the beads are different in shape and size - some faceted, some smooth, from 6 mm to 13 mm diameter.

Thanks to the usage of the brass wire, the beads and the other bright components seem actually to float: as a result, a unique 120 cm totally fancy necklace.

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  1. Long necklaces seem to be trendy, much trendy, and yours are very interesting, elegant and beautiful ;)