Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Paul Sika, an African Fashion Photographer

This is the story of another great artist the fashion world borrowed. His name is Paul Sika, and he is "the new African talent adopted by the West". Sika is in fact from Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He attended his studies at the french high school of Ivory Coast, the Blaise Pascal, then expatriated to the UK, and graduated at Westminster University of London in software engineering. 
After graduating, he came back to his own country, and started his brillant career: but not as engineer. As artist.

He consider himself a heir of David LaChapelle, who was his first inspiration. But Sika is mostly portrayed as Andy Warhol's Grand Son after he defined himself this way some years ago.

In 2010 he published his first photo-book, At the heart of mine, an intriguing "visual rhapsody" of photos accompanied by prose. The text explains for good his mission of showing Africa's energies and hopes, and succeeds in avoiding stereotypes.

Sika mainly works with photo editing. He strengthens the colors of his shots, often reaching over-saturation. He avails himself of actors, giving birth to complex compositions, which have been said "technicolor explosions".

His pictures are much more similar to stop-motion frames rather than still lives. CNN defined them "one-frame films". And the resemblance of his work with cinema is not a random parallel: he told he was actually enlightened on his destiny when, in London, saw the poster of Matrix Reloaded on a wall.

He had just a few exhibitions before fashion industries became interested in his bold imaginary. At that time, he decided to be represented for commercial works by Josette Lata for the US market.

Among the most recent brands he worked with as fashion photographer, Fouka Riddim and Macaci - which is the largest manufacturer in Ivory Coast.

It is said he is now looking for a partner to enter the world of video games. In the meantime, enjoy his YouTube Channel.

Stay tuned!

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