Monday, 18 July 2011

Report from the Exchange Art+Craft Market

On July 9, a friend of mine and I went to the Exchange Dublin Art+Craft Market for our very first time. We brought his street art paintings and my jewelry.

It has been a long day, since we'd never had an actual market-day beforehand.
We had a lot of fun though!

Incredibly, we also manage to sell something...Well, not that much...but I now owe a beer to him.

At the beginning there was very few people, although outside was taking place the food market. Fortunately, the early boredom was soon compensated by many friends who managed to drop by...Thank you, guys!

The environment was cozy, very informal, open and free under many aspects.

Entering the room, you'd have met the Jeweler and the Artist chatting and drinking tea on the sofa. Then you'd have browsed the stall of the Girl who sells Conserves and Drawings and the stall of the Two Women, who were offering super-cute newborn shoes, hats, ponchos.

These two stalls were both under a wall decorated with pictures of the Exchange crew and the visual effect was great.

Eventually, against two huge windows, you'd have seen Red Hair carving her croquet hooks, My Friend and I having fun with the camera, and a Couple of Girls with their totally crazy stuff - from the book covers made out of Reader Digest issues to the cool jewels made out of vintage items.

Later in the afternoon, two Other Girls joined the market - they sold books.

I was feeling too shy for asking their names. As a newbie, I thought they all perfectly know each others - and that makes me more shy than ever. But in the end, chatting briefly with one of the Couple of Girls, I was surprised to find out it was their very first time as well.

I probably misunderstood the entire situation, as usual!

Well well well, it doesn't matter!

It was definitely a good experience!

Stay tuned

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