Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Small supplies for crafters

Dublin city. Summertime. Almost a year has being passed from the moment I saw them and decided to buy them. 

I made out of those funny, nice and completely useless (cute=useless) supplies my charm bracelets and earrings.
But I think things have to change a little - at least once in a year! - and therefore I'm now selling them for the same prices I got as a crafter. 
I've never sold supplies, so I don't know exactly the online market prices and quantities for this stuff. I've just compared them to the ones in the other Etsy shops. Eventually, I think the price/quantity rationale I wrote down listing them is quite cheap and balanced. Give me a shout if I'm wrong.

Unfortunately, the postage costs are more expansive than the items themselves, but I've tried to leave the total balance within the range I was telling you about above.

So, what can I say in occasion of such an important anniversary?

After almost a year back to costume jewelry, mostly as a hobby and mostly on line, I've often heard that costume jewelry is out, dead, unsellable. 

This cruel sentence has also been the reason why sometimes markets refuse to rent me a stall, since it seems they are overwhelmed by obsessive jewelers who want to sell their handmade, unique products despite of common sense. As me, by the way.

This gray attitude against jewelry makes me only more happy of any sale, of course. There's more satisfaction in selling unsellable stuff than fancy stuff everybody wants, don't you think?!

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