Tuesday, 1 November 2011


As I'm in Ireland, my inner crafter couldn't help trying to carve a pumpkin on Halloween...

And this was the awkward result!

My friends and I had gone very early to the local market ...'Cause we had great plans for the day!

In fact, while the pumpkins were socializing

and having a good time together...

- especially mine. It was so joyful! -,

we struggled in the kitchen

cooking a lot

since there is only one rule in having fun with food

and that would be: don't waste the food.

Later, although made slightly heavier by the ravioli and the conserve, we also went to the park, so Pumpkins could meet some old, weird friends of theirs...You know, they were running out of time. 

At midnight, we were back home. The pumpkins had a great Halloween and we as well. 

After the others have gone, Pumpkin and I spent the rest of the night together near a cosy fireplace.

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