Saturday, 19 November 2011

Loopy Loop: the Ultimate Knitted Necklace

I find knitted necklaces very impressive and glamourous! The one above come from Ixela, an italian etsy shop. The owner, Ale, is an architect who lives in Turin, Italy and this is just one of her lovely creations.
She introduces the Knitted Scarf Necklace this way:

Funky, unique and colorful, “Loopy Loop” is the right accessory to add to your wardrobe... not quite jewelry but not quite a cowl... somewhere between a necklace and a long infinity scarf, as you wrap it around your neck to get it all close and cozy.
This "Loopy Loop" is made by five knitted circular cords with different colors and different lenght, all decorated with several felt balls and yarn wrappings... you can leave them long, or wrap them around your neck, for warmth in the chilly mornings and evenings... wear them all togheter or match just two or three of them to fit your suit and your mood!

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