Thursday, 10 November 2011

Multistrand Necklace (mostly black)

In my shop on Etsy I collect some of these awesome multistrand necklaces made out of various patterns of beads randomly embellished by luxurious elements. The only thing I regret (with respect to an actual shop) is that I'd like to customize them, because they may wear very differently and...Whatever!

It's fun to play with all the components until they agree to work together and become a balanced jewel. Here "balanced" is a key word: at the very heart of kitsch costume jewelry there's the idea of creating something truly astonishing from ordinary materials (well, perhaps this is at the very heart of everything), but if you go too far beyond, you may quickly slide into ugliness. 

In my opinion, kitsch is basically detournmant, couldn't exist by itself. For instance, this is a multistrand scaled necklace, but the traditional sense of the scale is overturned: it does not bring any order, at least it enhances the differences.

What makes this jewelry special isn't just the fact it is handmade, but the fact it is a well hidden paradox. That's the reason why it can be so cheerful, and why I don't just make it, I wear it myself very often. 


  1. The necklace on this post is wonderful, also the white one in your Etsy shop, I "hearted" them :)