Wednesday, 29 February 2012

D. I. Y. Free Tutorial for No Firing Clay Pin Brooches

Carrie's last comment to my previous post makes me think.

I post here my instructions for creating these funny pin brooches! You can do it yourself  (D.I.Y) or purchase it in my shop and pretend you made it :)

As you're going to see, it's just a question of being patient! I call it


I flat and shape some no-firing clay (argilla senza cottura) using cookie cutters.

Once dried, I make them black using a simple acrylic painting. First one side, then the other.

Once dried, I draw a very simple, comic-book-style illustration, following the lines suggested by the tile's borders.

Once dried, I fill the sketches with the colors I like the most (acrylic painting as well).

Once dried, I lacquer twice the pieces with a thin layer of gloss varnish. This is meant to fix the colors, make them more luminous and the brooch water resistant.

Once dried, I finally glue the brooch pin backs and wait for them…yes, to dry.


In order to draw in such a small surface, I alternate painting brushes and wood sticks. If you are not confident with zen attitude, you should use ink pencils instead of acrylic painting. It will work anyway, possibly even better.


I used all recycled materials, moreover stuff you can have at home and child-safe (the same used in elementary schools for creative activities). And if you don't, you should be able to buy it everywhere you are under different brands.

Then, being in Ireland, I purchased the safety pin backs from a dubliner and etsian seller, Visual Basics.

The idea is that my brooches are not just D.I.Y. accessories, but also fair trade products :D



  1. รจ troppo carina questa spilla!
    quasi quasi provo a crearne una... grazie per il tutorial

  2. Grazie a te di essere passata qua! Se poi la fai, mandami una foto che la pubblichiamo, ok!? :D

  3. Ciao Elettra! Finalmente riesco a passare a salutarti, e a ringraziarti per tutte le volte che passi sul mio blog e lasci un commento :) mi fa davvero piacere!
    Le tue spille sono proprio adorabili, complimenti! :)
    a presto e grazie ancora!

  4. super cute - i love him! great little tutorial xx