Thursday, 16 February 2012

Illustrators. Jessica's Broken Voices.

After Desi Cloe and Mademoiselle Glamour, here we are with another Italian talented designer, Jessica Angiulli. Leave behind pastel colors though, and get ready to join a darker atmosphere.

Jessica is a graphic designer who lives and works in Milan. She sells illustration prints and jewelry made out of her portfolio at Vocisconnesse - the "broken voices" of the title. 

In the shop announcement, she introduce herself this way:

My creations are usually based on symbolic themes (inspired by magic, myth, fairytales, trees, dream,, and reality too...), weird subjects as well as subtle feelings and more...And I like to express a poetical and "grotesque" feeling of reality.

You can find her works also at Diramazioni, the etsy collaborative shop which Vocisconnesse shares with graphic designer TryfarDiramazioni sells again illustration prints and artworks, but also photos and handmade journals. 

On Etsy, Vocisconnesse is both a MIT and a Time Travelers team member. The first team promotes Italian artists' and artisans' work. The second is mostly a group of steampunk, neo-victorian, gothic or funky retro artists, and, of course, vintage admirers.

If I intrigued you, consider Diramazioni is also a website and a blog.

Then you may follow Vocisconnesse on twitter.

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  1. Great! I love Jessica and Desi Cloe painting, but I don't know Mademoiselle Glamour... thanks a lot for this great find!

  2. I just enjoy browsing Etsy for illustrators! There are many of them and all so interesting! :D

  3. Beautiful illustrations!! I love the dark atmosphere of them, great finds!

  4. I find this review just now and want to say: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I also love how you "translated" Vocisconnesse into "Broken voices" :) Now you can find me on pinterest and tumblr too, see you :)

    1. :D you're very welcome! It's great to know your other social media whereabouts! See you there!