Friday, 24 February 2012

Worst Desktop Ever

...Just a hint. You guess the rest.

If there was a contest for well-organized workstations, I'll probably lose. In my defence, I don't have a proper desktop...But the truth is that I love my chaos as much as my housemates hate me.

I try to be the less intrusive I can, but in about five minutes I spread myself out. Moreover, when I'm crafting, there isn't something like an "end". There is just the moment I realize maybe it's time to clean up my mess.

These days I'm working on some new gadgets. I found myself mumbling about it...let's say: if my desktop reflected my way of thinking, it would be more à la Jean Jacques Rousseau than à la Immanuel Kant...


  1. Che bello vedere il caos creativo!
    Grazie per le tue visite, sempre molto gradite! KISS!

    { Scacco alle Regine }

  2. I can sympathise completely. I tend to spread my stuff everywhere. I try keep it all in one room but I usually its all over that room and all the dining room table too which I clear away every few days when I feel guilty that the place looks like a complete mess!