Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Antique Copper Ring. Handmade Paper under a Glass Dome

I must be in a so called "creative mood"...These days I'm trying out a lot of new stuff! And eventually...tadàn!

The ring above is my latest experiment! Although it seems very easy to make, it is not! Or, at least, it was not easy for me...It turns out that changing supplies brings just troubles. It's kind of a chain. For instance, I changed the glue. Never change the glue. I wanted an extra strong, transparent glue, but I especially wanted a hardening glue. I couldn't find any of the ones I already knew, even if I browsed almost everywhere (and on the internet too). So, after many comparisons, I decided to purchase this one. It works pretty well, but smells terrible.

Anyway, each glue works differently, and that one pushed me to change the way I work...changing technique brings mistakes, and so on and on...As I said, it's a chain. 
Fortunately, I had ten bases, otherwise I 'd have eaten my hands :D

As a result, an adjustable antique copper ring, framing 1 inch round scrap of handmade paper set under a round, transparent glass dome. Magnificent!

D I Y   T I P S

I purchased the ring trays and their own glass inserts from the Etsy shop Sun and Moon Craft Kits, where I could find exactly what I was looking for. In fact, generally suppliers on etsy sell trays and domes separately and I go crazy browsing their shops to find the right dome for the right tray and the right quantity of both (for a fair price)...And then, checking out, I find out they don't trade with Europe or they post from China and it takes an eternity for the packet to arrive (three weeks are a standard time). That shop was a great solution to me.

The awesome paper under the dome comes from Daintree Paper, an "exclusive, ethical, and inspiring" paper shop here in Dublin, Ireland. It's the best shop ever. I just adore it, plus it has an amazing history you can read on their website.

This time my strategy has been: I buy it, then I'll think about it. I researched for beautiful thing and waited for inspiration. I just wanted to create something unique, but easy reproducible and that is one of the main output, let's say the first.

In fact, I took the occasion for experimenting with glass and papers, and here "experimenting" means: I really don't know what I'm doing. Pleasant experience. 

Stay tuned :D


  1. Beautiful creation! And post, of course :-)

  2. Complimenti è molto carino questo anello ... colori perfetti sia per la primavera che per l'estate!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I absolute love this ring! A piece of art ;)

  4. Old style. Very very cute. I love it

  5. Arrgh, ieri ho provato a commentare ma si vede che l'accoppiata wordpress-blogspot proprio non va :)
    Volevo solo dire: son d'accordo con Ilenia, e anche le foto sono perfette!

    1. ...grazie mille, anche di questo strenuo impegno contro blogspot :D

  6. Beh l'esperimento è riuscitissimo il risultato fantastico...ma continuerai vero?

    ciao Grazia

  7. ...si! sto facendo le spille e i magneti :D

  8. wonderful ring, perfect for spring/summer!

  9. Beautiful ring, perfect for this season and garden parties!!

  10. le tue creazioni sono bellissime, fresche ma con un delizioso gusto retro!

  11. I love it and the possibilities are endless. Just checked out that paper shop - very nice!