Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Etsy and the cottage industry. Is this a counter-movement?

etsy infographic
Source: PromotionalCodes.net

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  1. Si' si' dai io ci credo!! (a tal punto che per me alla fine è poi semplice... ragionevolezza... :-)

  2. It's a no brainer: buy handmade!

  3. Etsy knows pretty well how to show all its "beauties" but.....there're also little shadows...many, many, mnay mass products with chinese origin are sold and etsy doesn't do anything at all.... :(

    1. You're right. According to google keyword, the "most researched" on Etsy are well known brands I won't even name here. I guess this is also the reason why Etsy decided for a "vintage" category: to regulate an unstoppable trend.
      If we actually considered that unfair competition (and if we wanted to be a counter-movement), then we could make pressure on the platform to behave otherwise. For instance reporting anytime mass production stuff sold as handmade (maybe as a team, maybe first collecting a certain amount of suspicious shops). It should work, since it's true that business is business, but that's how web 2.0 business works: on good reputation.

  4. I hope more and more people will appreciate hand made products instead of great distribution items!!

  5. What a great article. I am new to the handmade world and etsy but since I've started selling on etsy I've bought some handmade presents and cards on etsy for friends and will do in future too. Its amazing the quality and value, not to mention the unique, one of a kind gifts you can buy.
    I actually got a message from somewhere in India wondering if I would be interested in being an Irish "supplier" for "handmade" bags, I didn't reply!

  6. ...Sometimes with etsy comes also spam! I was almost immediately asked for a wholesale, but it was a fraud :D

  7. Compriamo handmade, sempre e comunque. E' uno stile di vita !!!

  8. Wonderful facts and information. Etsy is part of my life!