Saturday, 17 March 2012

Multistrand Lilac Necklace by Elettrarossa on Etsy

I just love this pattern so after I sold the Pierrot Necklace I decided to reuse it for a pinch of lilac czech seed beads I recently bought. This time I really esagerated with, well, seven strands... just one more and I should have used a spacer bar (which I personally don't like).

The czech beads' colored mix is not original as usual, I bought it that way. I fell in love with the shining shades of pink, lilac, purple, iridescent blue and petrol green. I found it delicate and strong at the meantime, and recalling onions. Oh yes, you got it, this is clearly the color of onions - although "dusty lavender gray" maybe sounds better :D

I've made the necklace semirigid, using nylon coated stainless steel wire and crimp beads. That technique makes the necklace wear differently from the others and the result is much more elegant.

The beaded strands are scaled in length, the shorter being 16.5 inches and the longer 18.1 inches. Due to the nylon coated metal soul and the scaling length, they gorgeously overlap remaining distinguished.

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