Friday, 23 March 2012

Sophisticated Urban Outfits

I decided to use some old garnet and bluish black beads to create a very elegant choker...I know, it's not that original, but at least is well done! Moreover, I recently decided I should just make stuff I'd wear myself.
So here it is, my beloved short necklace: sophisticated, but easy wearable :D

The idea is that the necklace prefers dark atmospheres and minimal outfits, but can be used also to make more refined a cotton cloth during summertime or to cheer up a black t-shirt...and so on. Keyword: versatile. Anyway, it is made of six strands and approximately measures 16 inches. It closes up with a magnificent silver plated squared fastener, lovely decorated with a filigree floral fantasy (never give up on fancy details).

As here looks a sleeping snake, it makes me think about a if there was a fashion genre for it, it would probably be the urban warrior. 

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