Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Eine Kleine Liebster Award

Essenze in movimento, a blogger I knew during Topogina linky Party, gave me this award spending very lovely words about mine. So, at first, thank you Essenze in Movimento!

I was supposed to pick some other five blogs with less than 200 followers among the ones I follow. It was not that easy! Anyway, this is my top-five:

Miss Minù (Italian), who always makes me laugh writing about her huge, joyful family. She's not just my super hero for what she does, she has also a very fresh writing. A very special mention goes to Alice, Allegra and Edod, her children.

The Witch Emporium (Italian/English), for adding a pinch of magic in every jewel, collecting secret traditions I always enjoy reading. As I wrote once, I'd like to make a book out of all those blog posts...

Tirabaralla (English), who is from Florence, Italy, like me, and lives in Dublin, Ireland, like me. I like coincidence and enjoy sharing this destiny-destination. :D

Deborah Watkins (English) for she is able to communicate the sense of Ireland though her paintings. Her words and pictures channel a firm, delicate approach to things.

Sibilla Graphics (Italian), who is a constant surprise to me! Through her blog I can follow the DIY Italian scene from a counter cultural point of view.

[If you've won the award, you don't have to do anything! On the other hand, if you want to continue the game, just download the banner, create a post blog like this, and communicate to your own top five they have won the award via comment on their blogs].

...Have a nice day!


  1. Thank you so much for including me! I am very honored and I agree that this is a great game! I will definitely play the game on my blog soon. Thanks again and I look forward now to looking at the other blogs that you have mentioned. Deborah

    1. ...I'm sorry they're mostly written in Italian! I'll love to see your preferred ones...have a nice day!

  2. Cara Elettrarossa, sono felicissima di questo premio, l'ho detto a tutti tutto il giorno... E' un vero onore avere una persona come te che segue il mio piccolo buffo e a volte molto duro mondo! Scusa se non scrivo in inglese, ma per me è molto difficile esprimermi in italiano, figuriamoci in inglese! Buonanotte mia cara Amica.. Anche Edod ti invia un dolce pensiero "..... .......... ..... ......... ....." !

  3. ...figurati missminù, tu scrivi come vuoi! Sono contenta che sei stata contenta! Ti continuo a leggere e supportare con grande affetto, sei grande! :)

  4. ma che carino il tuo blog. mi piacciono molto le foto in b/n, veramente originali.

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

    1. Grazie mille! Sono appena passata dal tuo ed e' troppo simpatico, credo proprio che passero' a trovarti spesso!