Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Glass and Paper Brooch in Magenta

During what I'll call - for extension - "easter holidays", I couldn't find a moment for crafting, nor posting. Ok, let's say I had no time at all. My family doesn't see me that much...So, although I was in Florence almost ten days, it has been a very demanding tour! Fortunately, you can switch me to the useful berserker mode.

Anyway, I took some pictures of a dear friend of mine wearing my new paper and glass jewelry before leaving...I'll start with this, just to feel I didn't leave myself behind...


  1. Ciao! Scusa se rompo ma sei anche tu di Firenze e vivi in Irlanda?
    Sono confusa :D
    Aspetto di vedere le nuove spille!

  2. Striking brooch AND photograph!

    1. Thank you! My friend will be very happy of this comment :D

  3. Great photo! -Sounds like you had a good trip and ready to get back to crafting and your shop ;)

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  5. Beautiful woman -and of course- beautiful brooch:)))