Thursday, 3 May 2012

How to use Coupon Codes on Etsy.

The second sunday of May will be Mother's Day. Don't freak out, its a tricky celebration and it changes date from a country to another! On Etsy, we follow the US calendar, and this year Mother's Day happens to be May 13. As Italian, mother's day is quite important to me, so I issued the coupon code named MOTHERSDAY, offering a fair 15% off any purchase. But...

How does a coupon code work? 

Buy normally, for the actual prize. The item you choose appears in your cart.
On the left of the page there's the item description, on the right your balance.
On top of the balance, you can read: "apply shop coupon code".

Click that link, and a white field appears.
Write in there the coupon code name.
Click "apply".
The discount immediately appears in your balance, and that's how you're paying the % off.
Now you can continue your shopping, or proceed to check out.

I hope this was useful! For any doubt, you may want to check this article on Etsy
PS. If you become addicted with coupon codes, there are dedicated websites like this or this.


  1. ma è il 13 la festa della mamma? oddio devo sbrigarmi..grazieeee

  2. very good idea for a post

    1. For the idea I have to thank you the customer who could't use it last week! I was very sorry, and eventually issued a refund just for her :)

  3. Mother's Day in Poland is celebrated on the 26th of May( I come from Poland):)))
    Dzień Matki w Polsce obchodzimy 26 maja:)))))

  4. I 'm glad to hear mother's day is celebrated all over! Even if it doesn't happen to be on the same day ;) --Would be more surprised if it was.

  5. il tempo passa e mi sfuggiva il giorno !!! grazie per il post!!

  6. Ciao, innanzi tutto grazie per il commento, poi grazie per questo utilissimo tutorial!
    Un abbraccio Benedetta

  7. Quest anno festeggio mia mamma due volte: a metá a aprile, ocme vuole la tradizione inglese e il 13 maggio hihihihi
    Buom weekend

  8. il giorno si avvicina!!! :) ottima spiegazione!

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