Monday, 30 July 2012

Again on Recycling Paper

Hi there! Do you remember my mini journal? Well, I made some minor alterations, I hope you'll find them interesting! In the meantime, I also found out who had written of using a sewing machine to bind handmade, recycled notebooks...Madame Renard (so thank you!).

First, the black satin cord is shorter. It winds up only two times around the mini diary - meaning less waste of material.

I set a huge ceramic button on the front cover both to fasten the journal more safely and to make it more appealing. The cord rolls up around it, and gets stuck.

The button is part of this amazing set by L'Officina, but comes from the EIT's Charity Shop.
I hope you like it, and try to Do It Yourself!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Miss Lamparita: Lampade di Sottobosco

miss lamparita: Lampade di sottobosco: Nel sottobosco di una foresta incantata ho trovato un dì un cespuglio di teiere rosse. Erano cresciute a mazzetti accanto a un ...


...Great blog and brillant maker!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Summer Break, the Ultimate Evergreen!

Hi there! I'm going to be nomadic for the next months, and since I realized I don't write that much while travelling, I thought it would be sweet to leave a brand new piece of my handmade costume jewelry here, so to wish you a wonderful summertime - bold, rich and bright as well!
Anyway, I'll try to post the interesting things I stumble upon during my movements. And maybe  some pictures, if I stop arguing with the cellphone camera...

You've probably noticed I often come and go (thank you, low cost companies!). But this time, for the first time, I bring my jewels with me, meaning my etsy shop will be "on vacation" just when the postal office is out of reach. 
It's kind of a bet, but I'm confident enough it can be done :)

Again...Wish you a happy summer!