Thursday, 30 August 2012

Layering Rainbow Necklace

This time I exaggerated! My latest listing on etsy is a gorgeous eleven strand necklace, moreover a unique mixture of seed beads I personally made up! I chose a thousand of beads different for shape and color to obtain this unique shade...and a soft rainbow effect.

I named it "layering necklace" after the way the strands gently overlap. Strung separately and utterly scaled, they give life to a composed fall of light. The layering result is possible thanks to a magnificent vintage clasp, which is also a spacer: the hook fastener is soldered on top of two golden bars, decorated with rhinestones. 

As a jewel is refined and elegant, as complement is cheerful and lighthearted. I'm sure it wouldn't pass unnoticed. It matches especially with greens - which this year are back! - and solid color dresses. Perfect for the coming fall season!

Actual colors: white, light purple, garnet, gold, yellow, ocra, grass green, forest greenbluesilver, hematite gray, black.

...Do It Yourself:

stainless steel wire (6 m)
crimp beads (22)
clasp-strand spacer (1)
seed beads (2 ounce)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Home-made Bread. Recipe and Tips.

DIY is something that comes along with your cultural background and personal attitudes. "Handmade", "home made", or "Do It Yourself!"...It doesn't matter how you call it, it matters if you are joining or not a practical philosophy! For instance, I Do Bread Myself!

I bake without the perfect oven, the right yeast, and bla bla...otherwise I would never start! As a consequence, my recipe it's easy and quick:

Take 700 gr-1 kg (1.5 pound) of flour without raising agents

Put a tablespoon of dried active yeast in a pint of water. 
Wait 15 mins.
Melt the compound with the flour.
Add water/flour to wet/dry the dough.

Let it raise. Then add salt, oil (optional).
Knead the dough.
Shape a loaf.

Use the oven at its highest temperature (250 C or 482 F) and...


The more the dough raises, the more the bread is good.
The more the oven is hot, the more the bread is crunchy, so do not open the oven during the baking.
You can place a pot of water in the oven if not fan-assisted.
All flour, spice, seed, oil variations are welcome.
Conserve the dough in the fridge for three days, possibly wrapped in cling film, but consider it continues to grow.
Dont' get confused: this dough is also for pizza.

Have a nice wek end!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Silk and Denim Japanese-like Belt, Easy DIY Project.

I made this japanese-like belt out of an old pair of trousers and a silk gown. 
It works great as fancy neck warmer too!
It's another DIY project you can try out just for having fun, 
with the plus you keep things that, no matter how much you love them, aren't good anymore. 

I used the denims for creating the belt stuffing, sewing two long triangles to a central square. The ratio of the square is about 14 x 14 cm. 

The long triangles are made by cutting one leg off the trousers - ideally an A cut from the back pocket to the ankle.

Sewing silk without leaving traces is definitely a hard task, so I immediately gave up with the idea of using the mini-sewing machine and proceeded by hand. The stitches are within the back, almost hidden under a fold.

After sewing the two side covers by hand, I set the central square, the purple cotton roll as base and the darker square of silk as embellishment. Mainly, I joined the three pieces of cover with that black stitching you may see in the photos. This time, I used the sewing machine though!
...Nothing so special, I mean, it's just something I wanted and enjoy creating. Now, I have to find the occasion to wear it!!!

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Elettrarossa is on Facebook.

Hi there! I'm on Facebook from a few days, and yet I don't know what I'm doing. Basically, I click random stuff, trying to share informations without any reasonable result! But I'm learning.

...So please help me out: like me, join me, facebook me!
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Have a good FERRAGOSTO*!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Recycling Old Fabric

In these summer evenings, I like to sit down at my desk and craft. My new passion, as you know, it is recycling paper into handmade journals. It is a recipe I'm trying over and over again, searching the perfect balance among smell, taste, and look.


Paper Leftovers
Sewing thread
Ribbon, rope or what you may have at home

I'm not that good at writing tutorials... So I just took some photos. I hope they may inspire your inner maker!



The fuchsia fabric above is awesome. It remembers me some japanese handkerchiefs I had. The other two below are instead just vintage!

I wrote it already, but repetita juvant: the buttons are by L'Officinaa great Italian ceramist you can find on Etsy.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

How To Up-cycle a Necklace from a T-shirt.

Thanks to Sibilla Graphics a few months ago I stumbled upon this brilliant tutorial. It shows how to make yarn from old t-shirts. And yes, you can actually knit that yarn!!!

I personally prefer to use it to create necklaces (or infinity scarves). It' s anything but original - actually it's the last trend in the up-cycling/DIY/handmade world. I'd like to share it though, because it's easy, the results are great, and the possibilities too.

I made these two above during the weekend. I know they may look shabby, but once worn, they are quite cool. The next level? One should sew beads, fabric flowers, or  - why not? - puppets on it! 

Stay tuned!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hematite. Basically an X-File.

I love gemstones, and my latest passion is for hematite, the mineral form of iron oxide. 
Hematite is mainly silver gray or of a dark reddish brown. Its name is due to this latter coloration (from the greek word for "blood"). 
Hematite has always been appreciated and used in Europe, but its popularity in jewelry was at its highest during the Victorian era. Since my imaginary about that period is bound to steampunk literature and time travel stuff, I came out with this watch-rope necklace.

LIFE ON MARS. Mars was found rich in hematite, and the presence of a mineral mainly due to water oxidation makes easy to consider that...Once upon a time, there was plenty of water on the red planet!

HEALING POWERS. As its name suggests, Hematite has always been used as an amulet against bleeding. Allegedly, it's able to stimulate iron absorption in the small intestine, and improve oxygen supply to the body. It would be indicated for many blood conditions, spinal alignment, fractures, damaged tissues, kidney deseases, leg cramps, anxiety, insomnia...Well, blood goes everywhere, so I imagine is not that much as it seems!

SPIRITUAL PROPERTIES. Last but not least, also the effects on our psyche (= spirit) seem outstanding! Hematite grounds and protects us. It strengthens our connection with the earth, making us feel safe and secure. It stimulates concentration, enhances memory and original thought.
Hematite utilises the magnetic qualities of our yin-yang energies to balance the meridians within the body and to provide a stable equilibrium between the ethereal nervous system and the physical nervous system. It focuses energy and emotions for balance between the body, mind and spirit.
Dissolves negativity and prevents from absorbing the negativity of others.

That's what I found just browsing three seconds. You're free to add your own information!!!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Necklace. Names, Lengths and More...

This post may be useful for jewelry makers and compulsive world.wide.web-buyers. There are also the Italian names (and cm measures), primarily as a reminder for myself!

1.collar, 2.choker, 3.princess, 4.matinee, 5.opera, 6.rope, lariat.

COLLAR or COLLARE (12/13 inches - 38 cm). Collars are traditionally made up of three or more strands, and lie on the middle of the neck. They can be also made out of velvet, satin, or lace usually decorated with a Victorian cameo.

CHOKER or GIROCOLLO (14/16 inches - 40 cm). Chokers are the classic, versatile single strand. A simple choker can virtually go with any outfit. It's also the right proportion (but not length) men should look for, since is clearly visible with a classic polo or T-shirt neck. 
If you're looking for the '50-style short round pearl necklace, you'll probably be satisfied with a choker.

PRINCESS or PRINCIPESSA (17/19 inches - 45 cm). The princess length is the kind of half measure that is also perfect for a pendant, because this latter can settle on the upper chest (solar plexus). Also, if you're looking for the classic natural pearl necklace, you probably want a princess necklace. Graduated, or three strand scaled necklaces are generally princess-length.

MATINEE or SAUTOIR  (20/24 inches - 55 cm). As the name suggests, it's the appropriate length for daytime, and a good complement for your business meetings. The necklace rests on the chest. Casual.

OPERA or CASCASENO (28/34 inches - 65/70 cm). A opera-length necklace is long enough to be doubled, meaning it becomes a fancy twin choker or a multistrand bracelet if needed. It is a versatile, refined jewel great for your feminine outfits and the evening out.

ROPE or CHANEL (45 inches or more - 90 cm or more). 1930's inspired, very much more feminine, the favorite of divine Coco Chanel, can be worn in a number of combinations. Totally sexy if made out of knotted or chained pearls, totally bohemian if colorfully beaded up, this length is totally represented by the adverb "totally".

LARIAT (45/48 inches - 90/100 cm) or LAZO. It's basically a rope necklace with its ends left unattached, as it was a long scarf.