Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Necklace. Names, Lengths and More...

This post may be useful for jewelry makers and compulsive world.wide.web-buyers. There are also the Italian names (and cm measures), primarily as a reminder for myself!

1.collar, 2.choker, 3.princess, 4.matinee, 5.opera, 6.rope, lariat.

COLLAR or COLLARE (12/13 inches - 38 cm). Collars are traditionally made up of three or more strands, and lie on the middle of the neck. They can be also made out of velvet, satin, or lace usually decorated with a Victorian cameo.

CHOKER or GIROCOLLO (14/16 inches - 40 cm). Chokers are the classic, versatile single strand. A simple choker can virtually go with any outfit. It's also the right proportion (but not length) men should look for, since is clearly visible with a classic polo or T-shirt neck. 
If you're looking for the '50-style short round pearl necklace, you'll probably be satisfied with a choker.

PRINCESS or PRINCIPESSA (17/19 inches - 45 cm). The princess length is the kind of half measure that is also perfect for a pendant, because this latter can settle on the upper chest (solar plexus). Also, if you're looking for the classic natural pearl necklace, you probably want a princess necklace. Graduated, or three strand scaled necklaces are generally princess-length.

MATINEE or SAUTOIR  (20/24 inches - 55 cm). As the name suggests, it's the appropriate length for daytime, and a good complement for your business meetings. The necklace rests on the chest. Casual.

OPERA or CASCASENO (28/34 inches - 65/70 cm). A opera-length necklace is long enough to be doubled, meaning it becomes a fancy twin choker or a multistrand bracelet if needed. It is a versatile, refined jewel great for your feminine outfits and the evening out.

ROPE or CHANEL (45 inches or more - 90 cm or more). 1930's inspired, very much more feminine, the favorite of divine Coco Chanel, can be worn in a number of combinations. Totally sexy if made out of knotted or chained pearls, totally bohemian if colorfully beaded up, this length is totally represented by the adverb "totally".

LARIAT (45/48 inches - 90/100 cm) or LAZO. It's basically a rope necklace with its ends left unattached, as it was a long scarf. 


  1. Thanks for all the great technical info ;)

  2. I'll be sure to reference this for my customers. Thanks for the info!

    1. You could also try their names as tags, sometimes it's useful!

  3. This was interesting! I had no idea they have all those names. My personal favorite has always been the choker.

  4. Mine too, I love short necklaces!