Thursday, 27 September 2012

Black Onyx

I recently developed a passion for gemstones...and so I'm also filling up my etsy shop with necklaces like this
I like black onyx, it's one of the few natural black gemstones (nevertheless it is normally dyed to enhance its color).

I prefer to make short necklaces, meaning the classic choker, mainly because the 16 inch strand is considered standard in US and Europe as well, so that things are less tricky both for buyers and sellers. Moreover, that measure is perfect for women, but often is also long enough for men. Anyway, better shorter than longer. I can always add a chain to reach the desired length without starting all over again....And my necklaces are always ready to ship!

The jewel fastens easily with a lovely silver T bar clasp, a kind of clasp very efficient in gemstone jewelry because it uses the weight of the stones to close up...And weight is not a problem here: my black onyx choker is made out of huge, shining 10 mm round smooth black onyx beads!

Another thing I love about gemstone jewelry is that behind any of them there is a story, an ancient legend or a curious myth.

For instance, the name "onyx" comes from the Greek word "onux", meaning fingernail. The story is that one day Cupid cut a divine fingernail of Venus while she was sleeping. He left it on the sand, where it was turned into the semiprecious gemstone. If you're wondering why Venus' fingernail was black, let's just say she was not emo. Black onyx came in vogue later, with the Romans. Beforehand, onyx was mostly found in its sandy-brown quality, probably more close to the goddess' skin tone!

At present, black onyx is thought to increase regeneration, happiness, intuition and one's instincts. Onyx retains memory of the physical occurrences surrounding a person. Onyx brings balance to mind or body as well as strength of mind.

Stay tuned!


  1. Love your onyx necklace. Very simple and elegant ;)

  2. Love this post ... do so believe in these magical stones ... to me all things have energy and wearing jewelry is so soulful when we are mindful of what they emit.

    Love always,

  3. Love it, it feels very Audrey Hepburn but with a modern twist! :)

  4. Love your photos as much as your posts :D

  5. Love this necklace!!! so beautiful!!! x

  6. Great necklace! :)
    Love also u add the myth about onyx!