Friday, 12 October 2012

1960s Mimi Cotton Dress.

Meet the other small dress I made under the creative urge I described here
The pattern is the same, but this time the shirt is left long enough to become the perfect 1960s piece! I still have to work a lot on the sewing, but right now I'm very happy to have this cute little thing in my wardrobe!
I chose white silk and embroidered cotton. Both couldn't be used on their own, the cotton being pitted and the silk being transparent. The cotton is similar to sangallo fabric.

I used the silk to make a close-fitting, but comfy slip: the slip is slightly shorter than the actual dress, and slightly larger below, to let you move freely. When I cut the cotton, I used the same pattern increased of a couple of cm (1 inch) - as passing from a size 8 to a size 10, for instance.

By hand, I sewed the cover to the neckline (front and back), the armholes, and the zip. I left loose the rest of the fabric. By sewing machine, I then stitched together the two sides. Eventually, I hemmed.
The button-zip solution on the back is the same of the shirt: I use the silk leftover to wrap the button and make its eyelet. 
...and here it is! tadàn!

PS. To take pictures, I first tried to lie it down, then put it on a clothes-hanger, but the results were kind of awkward anyway! I hope they're good enough...

Have a good weekend!


  1. Fabulous and very chic! This fabric is lovely :)

  2. The dress is adorable! I'll bet it looks super cute on.

  3. Ciao, grazie per il tuo commento e la visita al mio blog. Queste creazioni sono stupende!!! Ora ti seguo su gfc, ti va di ricambiare? Un bacio Lucy