Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Dyed Jade. A Small Secret about Costume Jewelry.

Dyed jade is the last trend in gemstone jewelry. It is beautiful, and easy to make. Gemstones are just warmed up and colored - and that's it!
Dark Green Dyed Jade. 

It's a very easy process, and the results are lovely. To be fair, most of the gemstones we use in costume jewelry are color-enhanced to meet the buyer's expectations (as black onyx or striped agate).
 Fuchsia Dyed Agate.

So the difference is that now the producers dye specific semiprecious gemstones with unexpected colors, proposing it as a plus when the natural tint is not exactly a instant success. 
Dark Red Dyed Jade.

Why jade, then? It's not obvious. Maybe it's all about a world-wide surplus. More probably because jade has a opalescent texture and a neutral color - going from white to green, sometimes verging on yellow or other lovely nuances.
Apple Green Dyed Jade.

Pure jade is very expansive, while small pieces with inclusions can be much more affordable. Unfortunately, at a first sight these latter can be mistaken for far cheaper quartzes, and that makes the reselling a nightmare.
Blue Dyed Jade and Turquoise.

On the one hand, jade is highly valuable as you buy a well refined craft; on the other, it is not that beautiful or spectacular on its own (and this counts a lot in jewelry!). I mean, it doesn't shine, and the color is so delicate that sometimes it's just sad. Maybe here lies the other reason why the smart merchants dye those small, cheaper pieces!

Lavender Dyed Jade and Freshwater Pearls.

Eventually, I'm just fascinated with dyed jade because of the possibilities it opens. I hope you like it as well! All the pictures come from my shop, just click on the image and go there to see more! 

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  1. che belle adoro la verde e la turchese..

  2. Wow ... this was such an informative post ... got to let my daughter know about all of this. Love the dyed jade by the way.

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    1. ...thank you! I got that "what flower are you?" from your blog! It's very funny!

  3. Seriously telented! I love all of them but the first one is my favorites:)

  4. The apple green dyed jade is calling to me. Lovely!

  5. Bellissime queste pietre!! Ho imparato tante cose che non sapevo!!
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  6. ma lo sai che le tue foto mi piacciono da matti, le trovo ordinate e perfette! :) Belle anche le pietre!
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    1. ...grazie davvero, mi fai piacere perchè fare foto ai gioielli alle volte è una tortura! Immagino tu lo sappia bene :D

  7. the Lavender Jade and Fresh Water Pearls is my favorite ...but they are all beautiful!

  8. bellissime!

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  9. So interesting! The colours are wonderful - I agree with Mouflon - the lavender and water pearls is my favourite too :)

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