Saturday, 14 December 2013

3000 Italian Makers are now Online!

Hello! How are you? I'm quite happy for I've got a few sales more on December, so these days I was pleasantly busy. Besides...the fabric I had ordered eventually arrived, and I can start sewing!

In the latest post I wrote about teams and collaboration. I told you something about the Irish one, but what about the Italians on Etsy?!

Well, the Etsy Italia Team is right now celebrating a great achievement: 3000 mates! It's quite a number for such a small and "specialized" team! The good news for everyone passionate about handmade is that now you can find 3000 talented Italian artists and artisans on Etsy, meaning online, and easy accessible.
To find out where they are you can either add the "etsyitaliateam" tag in your researches on Etsy, or browse the directory of makers from the EIT page.

Taken by the enthusiasm, yesterday everyone was asked to compose a dedicated treasury to spread the word! Here I post just a few of them, among which the one I did on Doctor Who...and others I'm featured in.

....Have a nice week end!


Friday, 6 December 2013

Community, Cooperation, Welcoming.

I'd love to show you the new chokers I made, for I like them myself very much! The second, with the rough aquamarine, is already sold. The other two, with black and white freshwater pearls, are still on sale,  and - modestly - they look fantastic!

They all feature the tibetan connector I purchased from Sue, one of my Irish teammates from Etsy Ireland. I don't talk enough about it, but teams are essential to Etsy - moreover, they are the main reason I like to sell on the platform.

I'm part of many teams, but one of my favorite is the Irish, so small and friendly! Under this respect, reality and virtuality are quite similar. As every expat knows, when you live abroad you often feel you belong nowhere. It's not a bad feeling, in fact someone thinks it's the better state ever. Leaving alone philosophy, sometimes you just feel isolated.
Fortunately, in Ireland I can always rely on great people. For instance, when I meet my neighbour, he greetings me as such: "...Buongiorno! Come sta?!" 

..."I'm fine! How are you doing?" it's my answer, as I know those are the only Italian words he knows. Just so. You won't believe it, but our daily exchange in Italenglish makes me feel so good!

Have a nice week end,


Friday, 29 November 2013

{Black Friday} + [Cyber Monday] = FLASH SALE!

Have you all had a good Thanksgiving? As we do not celebrate it in Europe, I just stared in awe at the many posts sharing beautifully decorated tables, great food, and much more! Then I ordered a pizza, my favorite treat!

...So, wanting to honor the tradition of big sales and super deals recurring these days, I offer 30% off any item from today to tuesday!

Have fun!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas is coming!

The end of November caught me unprepared! The holidays are at a stone throw and I'm supposed to arrange...a huge amount of things! I feel a little guilty about the Etsy shop, mainly because my mind is elsewhere - and I'm always too close to fall asleep!

To feel better, I'm going to show you some new entries that I think can make a nice and original Christmas gift!

First of all, the new version of my reusable shopping bags, with the nice cotton lace you've already met!

...Then guess who came back?! The curly necklace, one of my best friends, and exclusive designs by Elettrarossa!

I have a couple more ready I was saying, I couldn't find the time to list them online...I foresee a busy etsy-stuff-related week end!

Have a nice day,


Friday, 8 November 2013

...A Blue Messenger Bag!

I made my first attempt with something more sophisticated than a shopping bag...Although I love shopping bags and keep making them as well  - next time I'll show you some variations on a theme!

This shoulder strap pannier is made out of teal velvet and sky-blue silk. I chose velvet as now cotton would be too summery, I think. Teal and sky blue are awesome together, a perfect combo for cheering up our autumn/winter outfits!

The bag is entirely lined with blue silk and there is a internal pocket for the phone. Because, for Murphy's law, a ringing phone always manages to reach the bottom of a woman's bag, while she's desperately trying to grasp it.

I added a stiff bottom, which I made inserting a piece of cardboard between the velvet and the lining. It seems to me a good feature, at least esthetically, but I don't think it makes an actual difference.

If you want to do it yourself, use the tips I wrote here, and this handy how-to for the square bottom. The internal pocket is attached on the right side of the lining, while the silk lid is to sew together with the shoulder strap in between the two fabric layers. That's it!

Have a nice week end!

Friday, 1 November 2013

A Wool Skirt for the Winter Coming.

Some time has passed since I wrote about my sewing adventures! To make it right, today I show you a very-very easy skirt you can Do it Yourself in a few hours.

I thought a wool skirt could just be another nightmare back from my childhood, but this is fancy enough. Then I had some scraps of wool I absolutely wanted to use...and the cotton lace I retrieved from Italy!

I used a tutorial you can find here. The woman in the video is a good teacher - it's a step by step video tutorial - plus...her sewing machine is awesome!

I'm happy with the result, but I learnt a few disturbing things: a) working with leftovers is very annoying, as you run out of fabric all the time; b) wool is not easy to sew, and actually unpleasant to handle...probably because of the starchy stiffener they put on it. Bleah!

Have a nice week end,


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Fancy a Mini Choker?

All in all, I think gemstone mini-chokers are great, so I'm making a few more. These ones are made out of red coral, and silver plated findings - which in one case I also used as beads.

Unfussy and intense, a mini-choker helps turning a sober or sporty outfit into a classy one! It must be a curious case of butterfly effect!

I can spend an afternoon trying all I have in my wardrobe, but eventually, with an excuse or another, I'll always choose a comfortable outfit, sacrificing femininity...

So when I started using these thin chokers I was kind of surprise myself! They actually would make any t-shirt look...a silk blouse!

Surely it won't be the fashion trend of the year, but it worked well for me and I think it will also work well for my customers!

That's all! I hope you'll find the idea of mini-chokers interesting as much as I do! A penny for your thoughts!

Have a nice weekend,


Friday, 18 October 2013

Agate Mini Choker

Today I'll be very brief, I've a bad cold and right now I should sleep...but before, I wanted to show you the last mini-choker I made! It' too cute!
I made it out of 4mm red agate beads, although notoriously red agate is dark orange, the color of the autumn - which I see everywhere these days.

The best thing I could find to make it even more "retro" than usual is that round cassette clasp with a red agate fitted cabochon...beautiful, isn't it? The color is the same!
I also think this mini choker is a perfect gift idea! In my imagination I see it as a special present for a young woman. Well, a part from my daydreams, I think it is classy and hipster at the same time!

...Ok, Now it's really time to go! Have a great week end!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Reversible Tote, Easy Sewing Project and Tips.

I've got many, but in my opinion this is "the" shopping bag: eco-friendly, reusable, reversible, machine-washable and, above all, a versatile accessory, fashionable enough to be your walker bag! 

Oh my, I finally know where to put my laptop and sketch book! I've been enslaved to a backpack all my life, but with this tote I can leave it at home, and pick a beautiful purse from my wardrobe to match my outfit. 

I made the first of these bags for myself, and used it until the side rubbing against the hip has become blue with the dye of my denim jeans! No worries: a short trip into the washing machine and it was new again!

As you can see the bag is totally reversible, inside there is a nice printed cotton, outside a coated shintzè (which is polyester) of a gorgous lavender-gray. I don't know why BLOGGER decided to display everything against this ugly gray background lately...

...but the fabric isn't dark at all, it's almost a neutral! What I like the most is that it matches with any cold palette. Then, when you feel more flower-power, or likely to wear warm colors, you just use it inside out!

To Do it Yourself, my advice is to make the two handles before, and put them aside. Then sew the three sides of two almost identical squares, as you were making a pillow-case. Now reverse the one case you want inside, put it into the other, fold both the open sides, and be ready to sew them together in one only hem. Before doing so, hide the four ends of the handles between the folded layers, and pin them. Now sew the hem. What you'll have is the awesome tote above. Eventually, in order to make it more resistant, make a cross (X) seaming right under the handles, and it's done!

There is nothing more simple, but the result is great,  I guarantee it gives you lot of satisfaction!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Autumn/Winter Preview: Wool and Silk Infinity Scarves.

In Florence I bought a couple of yards of wool: gabardine, fresco lana, georgette...I had what the experts call "the perfect shopping experience", as I spent some time with a charming, talkative gentleman who offered me a lot of good advices, a great chat, and, all in all, a very good afternoon!

At that very moment I thought I was going to use those fabrics for making clothes, but - ...guess what? - one yard of crêpe has already gone for a new idea: patchwork infinity scarves! 

Honestly, I had kept the project under the bed for years! So, when I finally got the right wool, I felt compelled to start with it!

Then I must say my silk obi belts have done great this summer, so I decided to give a chance to the infinity scarves for the autumn/winter - which fashion considers one only season. 

You probably recognize the silk of the obi belt, and of the headbands! I used it here to create a element of distinction (or distraction), it is so shiny...then the silk section may be used as a hood (both wool and silk are naturally water repellent, so it may help for a while)!

The buttons are just decorations, and a sign of love for homemade accessories. I would have loved to put giant fuchsia buttons, but I didn't dare. Moreover, they'd cost me a kidney!

The scarf can be fold in two or three, and of course worn wide open....Isn't a unique touch to your handmade wardrobe? Let me know what you think!


Saturday, 28 September 2013

Home Made Photo-Shooting!

Hello my friends! How are you? I know, I've disappeared for a while, but this is what happens when one crosses the sea and goes back home without a proper plan (oh yes, you get stuck!).

However, I'm back and fine. At present, I'm trying to put some order among the supplies I managed to push into my "fitting - Ryanair" luggage. I can't wait to start a new project using kind of everything, but (duty and honor)...first things first.

As soon as I was back I wrapped and posted the orders I received while I was away, then started editing the amazing pictures I'm sharing with you. Well, these are just a few!

The model is my friend Marta...She has been a precious help as it is not easy to evaluate jewelry and accessories just from still life pictures. I have always a hard time shopping online myself!

BTW, this is also my very first time with color photography, so every wise comment is welcomed! 
Mmm...I'm better go back to work!

Have a nice week end,


Friday, 30 August 2013

Silk Headbands. Easy DIY and Tips.

I'd love to have a studio or a space just for me, but sadly ...I do not! So when my boyfriend left for a short trip, I was so excited to stay home this time: I wanted to create something new, profiting on the (whole) space my creativity deserves!
...Well, basically I made many attempts allowing fabric to scatter everywhere and dwelling myself in the chaos for three days...But in the end, I also manage to came up with the new silk headbands!
They are not listed yet, I think I'll work on it during the weekend. God knows how pitiful I'm at writing items' descriptions - plus now I write in both english and italian, and it takes the double!

Anyway! I put some effort as usual to make the prototype easy reproducible. If you want to Do it Yourself, here my easy tips:

Cut a string of about  8-10 cm wide and 45/50 cm long - depending on the size you fancy the most. Double the string, sew together the open sides, and reverse it to hid the seaming.
Now get a 10 cm piece of elastic band. Let it slip inside. Pin one end of the elastic band to one end of your fabric string, and then stretch it: where it reaches its complete extension, pin it again.

Put the other end of the fabric string within the first pin. Sew where you've pinned, and here you go with your new hair accessory!
You can use any fabric, preferably cotton, or stiff silk as I did!

Have a nice weekend,


Friday, 23 August 2013

Boredom and Creativity

I know boredom is a terrible thing, but if you never get bored you don't either get the chance to come up with new things. I think we need those empty moments as well as the exciting ones, to be creative.

Since this week I had nothing to do, I started to put some order among the billions of pictures of irish flowers I've been taking for a year now. 

While I was doing so, bored, I thought to arrange them for a possible album entitled "Irish Flowers" to print online (and to give to my Italian relatives who think I ended up living at the end of the world - and maybe even outside, who knows!).

But when I decided I needed a decent font for the quotes under the photos, I already knew I was going in a complete different direction. At that point, I wanted to make a book! After a while, don't ask me how, I was aging paper with tea (following Anne Marie's instructions for aging lace)! 

Once the sheets had dried, I ironed them. They became kind of...crispy! Then I made up an alphabet for the one I picked here for free doesn't have capital letters....bummer! Just to try out all my new stuff, I wrote (in Italian) the intro for a non-existing children book in a non-existing rhyme.
So I hereby confirm that boredom can give birth to unexpected, pataphisical results!

Have a nice week end,