Monday, 28 January 2013

Fabric Flowers How-to.

Etsy gave me 20 free listings, so I thought I could give a chance to my fabric flower necklaces. I made a couple of them yesterday, and listed them today. Flower flowers are so handy, they can be used in so many projects!
So I'm going to share with you the fabric flower tech, which in my opinion is simple and amazing!

You'll need:
  • synthetic fabric (nylon, organza, polyester), 
  • needle& thread 
  • beads
  • candle

Shape the fabric in round pieces. Make as many pieces as you like and moreover, if you feel artsy, scale them a little. Don't be that precise, you're learning!

Light up the candle. Take one of your newly cut scrap, hold it close to the flame - well, not too close, otherwise it will burn! -, and start rotating it all the way around. The fabric will instantly melt and curl. Repeat this operation for each petal.
Stack the layers, thread the needle, and sew some beads in the center of the composition. 
Done! It's lovely, isn't it?

Now, if you enjoyed your first fabric flower, and desperately need a more professional tutorial, give a look here.

Stay tuned!