Thursday, 24 January 2013

Restyling and Renewing

January has seen me working on minor projects, as refilling the etsy shop after Christmas sales! Things went good enough, I sold out the most appealing pieces and so I had to list new items. I also restyled and renew some major classic, like the lovely gray beaded necklace below
or the black one. The gray one is a six strand, the black one just three, but both do their job very well and for an affordable price!
Among the novelties there are two multistrand shell choker necklaces, one sky blue, one pink.
Due to the expensive materials (coral, mother of pearl, and aquamarine!) those two are more expensive, but I must admit quite impressive once worn! 

Eventually, I couldn't help beading a rope necklace with the last murano glasses I had, so here it is another cheerful and simple plum-purple rope necklace! 

Considering not just the time to think and create the jewelry, but also the time I spent trying to take decent pictures and list them on Etsy, I can say I was very busy!

...And that's just the beginning! I'll show you more next time!

Stay tuned!


  1. I love the pink choker necklace :-)

  2. Che belle queste collane, anche le perle che hai utilizzato sono meravigliose, le prime tre, piene di fili e perle diverse, sono le mie preferite, devono fare un bellissimo effetto al collo...brava come sempre...a presto!