Monday, 18 February 2013

Longing for the Sun: Brass Jewelry!

...Today there is a wonderful sun here in Dublin, so I created a very summery necklace inspired by the incredible, multiple colors of geranium!

I know, I've recently spent most of my spare time sewing, but I also made some jewelry, like this red coral necklace below...which again is totally Mediterranean! Well, I guess I'm warming up for the coming season! By the way, the necklace is unisex, and I also offer the matching bracelets for him, and for her!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Lining the Bag

Last summer I bought the big bag below, but I've never used it because...I had to sew the lining. Then I got to know how slow and lazy I am!

I was running out of ideas, so I thought I could do that now. I used a fabric leftover from the ikea curtains (white) and a small Southern Fabric patchwork I had made to practice with the sewing machine.

Since the patchwork is a mess, it's perfectly fine hidden behind the net! You can't see it from the pictures I took, but the patchwork has been provided of a lining itself.

...because one doesn't want to see that mess inside the bag neither! The lining is solid orange cotton, by the way, very cheerful. Well, that's it! Just another easy but satisfying project!

Now I'm waiting for the new fabrics so...Stay tuned!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Skirt vs Psychological Issues, 1- 0.

Among the many things I've been sewing this week, there is a skirt I'm especially proud of, and now I'll tell you why!

After almost a year of practicing I'm now good enough at making trousers, but I still have issues with skirts. I'm not joking. I know it should be easier, but that makes me even more frustrated!

Since I can't suffer this kind of situation, I tried to understand better the problem. I asked myself: why is it that difficult to me? And then I realized that I don't like skirts; I don't wear skirts; I don't even have any in my wardrobe!

Mmm. That could be already an answer, but I decided to go deeper. I found out I actually have three or four skirts, well hidden under a pile of pijamas. Those are gifts, mostly from relatives who continue to buy girly things for me, probably hoping I'll turn into a cute, lovely creature one day or another (and happily live ever after). 

Well, we know this is not going to happen, but it's a sad truth which doesn't prevent me from sewing skirts for other people to wear! 

After solving the puzzle, I started sewing, and made that lovely flare skirt above, and then another...I must have overcome some kind of trauma! 
You know what? Maybe crafting is even more useful than I thought.

Stay tuned (for more emotionally disturbed stories!)