Saturday, 2 February 2013

Skirt vs Psychological Issues, 1- 0.

Among the many things I've been sewing this week, there is a skirt I'm especially proud of, and now I'll tell you why!

After almost a year of practicing I'm now good enough at making trousers, but I still have issues with skirts. I'm not joking. I know it should be easier, but that makes me even more frustrated!

Since I can't suffer this kind of situation, I tried to understand better the problem. I asked myself: why is it that difficult to me? And then I realized that I don't like skirts; I don't wear skirts; I don't even have any in my wardrobe!

Mmm. That could be already an answer, but I decided to go deeper. I found out I actually have three or four skirts, well hidden under a pile of pijamas. Those are gifts, mostly from relatives who continue to buy girly things for me, probably hoping I'll turn into a cute, lovely creature one day or another (and happily live ever after). 

Well, we know this is not going to happen, but it's a sad truth which doesn't prevent me from sewing skirts for other people to wear! 

After solving the puzzle, I started sewing, and made that lovely flare skirt above, and then another...I must have overcome some kind of trauma! 
You know what? Maybe crafting is even more useful than I thought.

Stay tuned (for more emotionally disturbed stories!)


  1. Oh, good day dear friend. I've been having some problems along with some issues with my computer and still have a bit more to do with that so I have not been able to get onto a computer much at all ... just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about this skirt, especially the print. Like you I don't wear them anymore, but you never know, things do change (otherwise we turn into cement!!).

    Love always,

  2.'re always so wise! It's true, things do change and we change a lot as well! Thank you for passing by, you know I appreciate it...Elettra

  3. Nice skirt, especially like the hem. Funny that your 'aversion' to skirts seems to have affected making them. I don't like cooking, maybe that's why I'm not keen on what I end up with.
    Btw, love the flower-ivy-background :)

    1. :D I think the ways of the mind are inscrutable!
      Thank you for passing by, I gave a look at it and love your work...

  4. Love the skirt! You have to wear it. My daughter asked me the other day why I never wear dresses, you are not alone..

  5. Thank you, I'll try now that I've noticed it! You've a smart girl there!

  6. It's lovely, a perfect shape and a very nice fabric, well done you :) It's not a bad idea to try wearing all your 'good' clothes like they are your everyday clothes - I tried it and now I don't have any 'good' clothes at all!

  7. Really lovely fabric :D
    I love to wear dresses lately..I hated in the things change :D In my case i don't particularly like to create necklace but i love to wear them :P hihihih

  8. Neanche io indosso spesso le gonne, anche se mi piacciono tantissimo! Sono contenta che alla fine ti sei sbloccata... ne รจ valsa la pena! La fantasia della stoffa mi piace tantissimo! Complimenti!