Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Glass jewelry!

After the gemstone production, I'd like to introduce you the two new sets of lampwork jewelry I made, necklace and matching earrings.

I love glass because it gives you the chance to be creative and generous, but the jewelry remains affordable. Here I spaced the artisanal glass beads using a mix of purple, lavender, violet, lilac - opaque and transparent - Toho seed beads.

For the earrings, I decided to use a silver plated chain I decorated with the same mix. As a result, the chain turned into a cascade of color and light. It was a hard work, but it was worth it!

...Look at this! The gold-sand and caramel glasses fit so nicely together...I think the neutral apparel is part of its charm! 
I'm sorry I couldn't catch good photos of the necklaces from above, but they both are more than 45 inches long, it's kind of impossible! They are very long and with clasp, so one can also wear them doubled, or as a multistrand chokers!

I especially like the caramel earrings because of the ending beads, slightly squared, and dotted with little spots of color. Simply adorable!

Just click on the images to go to the actual listing on Esty...Thank you for visiting, and stay tuned!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

About the time we need.

Hello! Before sharing with you my latest thoughts and works, I'd like to thank both Imor Malia and Artesana del Lino, fellow bloggers, who nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thank you my friends!
Today I'd like to comment on a hilarious blog post by Etsy Italia Team about how tough one must be to sell on line. I'm not a great seller, but I really enjoy crafting, taking care of the shop, answering to the people's needs and expectations. So I get how tough I am!

To me things got rough as I fell in love with the art of sewing. I'm so much more busy than before that keeping things going just in my spare time...Well, it has been harder, and harder.

So I have a new strategy. When I have an entire afternoon, or a week end, I start - and try to finish - a sewing project. When I have just a couple of hours, I bead my jewelry.
As the sun comes out, I take pictures of all the crafts I made, whatever I was doing the moment right before. Photo shooting is my favorite part of the entire process, and often it's just me chasing after a sudden ray of light. I love it!
Rainy days, instead, help me with the annoying practice of choosing, cropping, improving the photos I've taken. Very boring task, you need to be almost depressed to feel like doing it.
When I have all things done - the jewels, the photos, the measures - I start with the writing, and I publish the new pieces. Rarely more than two at a time. Less than a month ago I started publishing in English and Italian, so it takes me much more time. Let's say the double :D

Eventually, during breaks I connect with social networks and try to marketing a little. That would mean blogging, likingtwitting, pin-boardingtreasuring, you name it. One should always be there under their perspective, but it's not me, really.


This is just the surface. There's a price, as always. Fortunately free time is not a good you can collect, and there is no point in saving it. Anyhow, if you're trying to make money out of your hobby, you should definitely find yourself a new hobby. Otherwise you'll drain out in no time!
Seriously, DIY culture comes from feeling different about things, and it forwards a different relation with being and time. It's up to you finding a balance between the handmade attitude and the wish to be a successful seller. That's the reason why personally I rescale my commitment every now and then.

Have a nice day,