Friday, 28 June 2013

Eventually, my silk obi belts!

I'm so happy today because I may eventually introduce you to my silk obi belts...the very first accessory I consciously decided to offer online along with costume, and gemstone jewelry!

This above is the last one I listed, but I start with it, because that turquoise row silk inspired the first prototype I made (if you're curious, you can find it on my facebook page).

While I'm keeping that for me, this one is for the shop, indeed it has the same measures and shape of the others below. Coherence is important in setting up a new collection...then I'm going to accept custom orders :)

...I fell for turquoise, but this dusty orange is my favorite! And I mustn't be alone in this, if I had already shipped the first (yeeeee!)

The orange silk has a natural, coppery shimmer but it's not too shining. I think the row quality of the silk perfectly matches the earth color. In Italy we call this nuance "terra di Siena" (sienna).

...So, sticking with the Tuscany hills' palette, I picked also a olive green. It's a smart color, almost a neutral, and I couldn't leave behind the possibility to turn the army color into a so fancy accessory!

Wow, I love bordeaux, with its deep red recalling of romantic dates, luxury, and probably ...curtains! 

Anyhow, it really stands out. Its ties are smaller, so you can fold it, and use it as a sash belt. Silk is soft and stiff at the same time, so it takes the shape you want.

...I guess these aren't the obi belt you're used to. Well, when I came up with this design I had tons of ideas to squeeze into just one! I wanted it to remind of the traditional obi belts, though as a fashionable, contemporary accessory.

I wanted a easy-reproducible shape, few visible seams, the perfect match between luxury fabric and reasonable prices. I wanted the accessory to fit every size, from XS to XL. 

...I wanted it to tie the body as a victorian corsage, without having to customize every piece. I wanted the strings not to overlap on the back, which is awful. 
So, it took a little effort, but I think I've got everything I wanted...

To celebrate, for three days is FREE SHIPPING, FREE SHOPPING  at my shop! 

See you there...otherwise, have a nice week end!


Friday, 21 June 2013

The transitive property applies also to creativity.

There are so many projects I'm trying to go on with recently that sometimes I feel like spare time is slipping through my fingers! Don't get me wrong, there is nothing I like better to feel fulfilled with inspiration.
Every creative mind knows though this kind of situation is tricky. It is not a question of ups and downs - it is quite more simple. What is tricky about feeling so "creative" is that you have just two hands, and they are not enough to make all the things you'd like!

In a way, the problem of creativity is you can't really save it for later. I take notes, and write projects, but with inspiration comes along the ability to make my ideas come true.
It is not easy to manage the process, and I can tell sometimes it's just exasperating. I guess one must take it as it is, and make the best out of it.
These days I was so focused on tailoring and sewing, that I felt like jewelry making was a total waste of time. Anyhow, I didn't want my shop to be that empty, so I forced myself into beading at least a couple of necklaces. know what? I think the imagination unleashed by the new projects actually contaminated my jewelry!

I made one, two, three, four multi-strand chokers without even thinking. I enjoyed beading up strand after strand, and liked every outcome. This was so unexpected, I swear!
I think I just discovered that the transitive property applies also to creativity.
Am I wrong? A penny for your thought!

Have a nice week end,


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Garnet, or of the importance of being named after the pomegranate.

Garnet is one of my favorite gemstones, there's something magical about it. So, this time I'm going to share with you something more original than legendary properties, or healing powers.

As many other gemstones, garnet has been along with mankind like forever. It's named after the "pomegranate", and not after blood itself, as it would seem logical for its color. It's named though after something maybe even more meaningful, pomegranate being a token of life, death, and rebirth.

The pomegranate's fortune traces back to India, where it was one of the names of Ganesha ("the one who likes the fruit with many seeds"). The belief of its divine affinity crossed then the Middle East, arrived to Greece along with Dionysian cults, and spread to Magna Grecia (Italy), where it was sacred to Demeter and Persephone.

A curiosity about pomegranate in the ancient world: Pausanias tells us there was a statue in the city of Argos representing Hera with a pomegranate in her hand. So probably the famous "apple of discord" was in fact a pomegranate!

The importance of pomegranate survived the coming of Christianity: it simply passed from the goddesses' hands to St. Mary's. Within the Renaissance it has become the icon for the passion of Christ (indicating a "martyrdom as fruitful as a fruit full of seeds"), and of course we find it in the Koran as well, where it is said to be among the good things God created.

...I could continue, but I think I made my point: pomegranate is a protagonist of our culture, it is kind of everywhere. So now I know the reason why, even unaware of all this, I'm so enchanted by garnet, the gemstone named after it.

Have a nice week end!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Sewing your own clothes: two easy projects.

My sewing projects grow more and more ambitious. I'm not that good at sewing yet, but my creativity can't wait! So, in the last few months I've not just recycled old clothes, but also designed some brand new ones. 

I purchased the fabric from Les coupons de Saint Pierre, a magical shop near Montmartre, in Paris. Well, my first plan was to go to Paris, and come back with a luggage full of fabric; then I actually went to Paris, and realized it was kind of impractical. So I just ordered it online. Great service, if you want to give it a try!

The first one above is a long shirt, to wear as a light overcoat. I'm thinking about adding a hood - I adore hoods! -, and that's the reason why it may seem there is more fabric than necessary around the neckline. In order to Do It Youself, you can follow the sewing icon I (totally) made up for you!

The second one - shown on top of the first because it's impossible to take a decent picture of white, transparent cotton -, is again a light overcoat, but sleeveless and buttonless. It is much more refined though: empire line and flare effect.

...again, I've added a non-label, because I'm no logo, after all! 

Now, if you want to Do It Yourself, I just mixed up this tutorial (italian) for the top, and this for the flare effect (english), or the bottom.

I hope I have inspired you a little! Have a nice day and...stay tuned!


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Upcycling, recycling, refashion!

The point is: clothes get old, we get fatter (!) or slimmer (?), anyway the result of the combination of the two factors can't be unseen! So I decided to refashion some shabby t-shirts.

Incredibly, I had a lot of fun! I discovered how many details one can come up with! How many? ...Well, many... like the bird attached here below.

I mean, it was more than cutting and sewing, it soon became art! As when I got this weird idea of switching or creating fake, nonsensical labels. I can't say why I did it, it was just too ridiculous not to do.

No worries, this kind of ragged crafts won't end up in my etsy shop. And maybe next time I'll show you some actual clothing made from actual fabric...

Stay tuned!