Friday, 26 July 2013

Mother of pearl artistic beads.

I suppose in the middle of the summer mother of pearl should be a must, so when I saw these artistic mother of pearl beads I couldn't resist to the temptation, and I purchased them!

I enjoy working with mother of pearl because it is a gorgeous, and affordable material. I think patterns make necklaces more lively - especially such a delicate, thin, long one - so I alternated the artistic beads with glass cubes and disks.

In my shop I have more mother of pearl necklaces and earrings, but I think these artistic beads are more interesting than everything I'd got up to now. They look like chinese pottery, but are definitely more lighthearted.
The funny thing is that, although nicely hand-painted with floral motives, if you look them closely, you can spot a hint of the artist's true personality.

Hilarious, right? Just on Elettrarossa :D 

Stay tuned for more fantastic jewelry to come, and have a nice week end!


  1. Omg, that pearl is smiling back to me! :D
    Beautiful work Elettra, I love its reminiscence of chinese pottery :)

  2. I love the color of these beads! Beautiful necklace.

    1. thank you, I really struggled against the color balance of my camera to have it as it is! Love it!

  3. Queste sono bellissime e molto particolari!!!!

  4. So pretty! I'm an earring girl and I would definitely wear those pretty earrings!