Friday, 23 August 2013

Boredom and Creativity

I know boredom is a terrible thing, but if you never get bored you don't either get the chance to come up with new things. I think we need those empty moments as well as the exciting ones, to be creative.

Since this week I had nothing to do, I started to put some order among the billions of pictures of irish flowers I've been taking for a year now. 

While I was doing so, bored, I thought to arrange them for a possible album entitled "Irish Flowers" to print online (and to give to my Italian relatives who think I ended up living at the end of the world - and maybe even outside, who knows!).

But when I decided I needed a decent font for the quotes under the photos, I already knew I was going in a complete different direction. At that point, I wanted to make a book! After a while, don't ask me how, I was aging paper with tea (following Anne Marie's instructions for aging lace)! 

Once the sheets had dried, I ironed them. They became kind of...crispy! Then I made up an alphabet for the one I picked here for free doesn't have capital letters....bummer! Just to try out all my new stuff, I wrote (in Italian) the intro for a non-existing children book in a non-existing rhyme.
So I hereby confirm that boredom can give birth to unexpected, pataphisical results!

Have a nice week end,



  1. I'm so impressed! You're amazing!This sheet looks like a real old one from the real old book:)

    1. ...thank you so much Agnieszka! I swear it's sketch book paper, the tea did the rest!

  2. Sei bravissima!

  3. Wow... complimenti!!!!!
    Great job!!!!!!
    Baci cara!