Friday, 2 August 2013

Refreshing Gems: Cold Colors.

Hello everybody!
The long waiting has been rewarded with the most beautiful gemstones ever! I'm going to start with the so called "cold colors", hoping it brings some comfort to you, for the summer is hot, and full of mosquitos!

A 6mm amethyst purple dyed jade short necklace. It fastens with an antique silver plated clasp embossed with spirals - you can see it better clicking the image, and going to the listing.

The most sought after gemstone, hematite: 4mm 1950s-like choker. Hematite has definitely a dramatic attitude, so I enhanced Mother Nature's work accompanying the bluish-gray strand with mother of pearl (which curiously has the same glares).

Garnet, as you know, is one of my favorite gemstones! This is a powerful piece of jewelry. The beads are of a deep color; and huge, about 8mm - meaning they do not pass unnoticed and do not kill your neck. To celebrate their beauty, I used the prettiest clasp I had at hand, the silver clock-shaped toggle clasp. Very time-travel.

A charming turquoise necklace, because I can't resist its genuine color when I see it, the one verging on green instead of being of solid, stolid blue.

Eventually, a rough, non-dyed 4mm lapis lazuli strand, sprayed with gold and veined of white (included pyrite and sodalite). I specially love lapis lazuli as its powder has been used for centuries as pigment for the paintings and fresco I've been surrounded by, all of my life, in Florence, Italy. Every time I look at the painted skies, or the saints' cloaks, I can't help thinking of the role the blue stone" played in the history of arts.

What do you think about my new supplies so far? Leave a comment, let me know!

Have a nice week end, 



  1. Beautiful pieces! Classic and elegant.

  2. Beautiful and refreshing! I just LOVE these clasps, goureous! Your long waiting has been rewarded well :)