Friday, 18 October 2013

Agate Mini Choker

Today I'll be very brief, I've a bad cold and right now I should sleep...but before, I wanted to show you the last mini-choker I made! It' too cute!
I made it out of 4mm red agate beads, although notoriously red agate is dark orange, the color of the autumn - which I see everywhere these days.

The best thing I could find to make it even more "retro" than usual is that round cassette clasp with a red agate fitted cabochon...beautiful, isn't it? The color is the same!
I also think this mini choker is a perfect gift idea! In my imagination I see it as a special present for a young woman. Well, a part from my daydreams, I think it is classy and hipster at the same time!

...Ok, Now it's really time to go! Have a great week end!