Sunday, 6 October 2013

Autumn/Winter Preview: Wool and Silk Infinity Scarves.

In Florence I bought a couple of yards of wool: gabardine, fresco lana, georgette...I had what the experts call "the perfect shopping experience", as I spent some time with a charming, talkative gentleman who offered me a lot of good advices, a great chat, and, all in all, a very good afternoon!

At that very moment I thought I was going to use those fabrics for making clothes, but - ...guess what? - one yard of crêpe has already gone for a new idea: patchwork infinity scarves! 

Honestly, I had kept the project under the bed for years! So, when I finally got the right wool, I felt compelled to start with it!

Then I must say my silk obi belts have done great this summer, so I decided to give a chance to the infinity scarves for the autumn/winter - which fashion considers one only season. 

You probably recognize the silk of the obi belt, and of the headbands! I used it here to create a element of distinction (or distraction), it is so shiny...then the silk section may be used as a hood (both wool and silk are naturally water repellent, so it may help for a while)!

The buttons are just decorations, and a sign of love for homemade accessories. I would have loved to put giant fuchsia buttons, but I didn't dare. Moreover, they'd cost me a kidney!

The scarf can be fold in two or three, and of course worn wide open....Isn't a unique touch to your handmade wardrobe? Let me know what you think!



  1. Oh I do like this scarf! Gorgeous. You definitely should make more!

  2. I'll make more, sure! Thank you Lisa!

  3. Wonderful scarves, so original! Love the buttons :)

    1. thank you Tine, I love the buttons as well, I'd love to have more of them!!!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous scarves. Love the colours!

  5. very smart looking. Love em.

  6. Green is my favourite, your scarves have very unique look. Well done.