Thursday, 24 October 2013

Fancy a Mini Choker?

All in all, I think gemstone mini-chokers are great, so I'm making a few more. These ones are made out of red coral, and silver plated findings - which in one case I also used as beads.

Unfussy and intense, a mini-choker helps turning a sober or sporty outfit into a classy one! It must be a curious case of butterfly effect!

I can spend an afternoon trying all I have in my wardrobe, but eventually, with an excuse or another, I'll always choose a comfortable outfit, sacrificing femininity...

So when I started using these thin chokers I was kind of surprise myself! They actually would make any t-shirt look...a silk blouse!

Surely it won't be the fashion trend of the year, but it worked well for me and I think it will also work well for my customers!

That's all! I hope you'll find the idea of mini-chokers interesting as much as I do! A penny for your thoughts!

Have a nice weekend,


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  1. You're absolutely right! I'm like you when it comes to dressing up: I rarely wear an outfit that suits well with a fancy necklace... and I'm sure we're not the only ones with this "problem"! A thin, colorful choker like yours is a great idea :)