Friday, 29 November 2013

{Black Friday} + [Cyber Monday] = FLASH SALE!

Have you all had a good Thanksgiving? As we do not celebrate it in Europe, I just stared in awe at the many posts sharing beautifully decorated tables, great food, and much more! Then I ordered a pizza, my favorite treat!

...So, wanting to honor the tradition of big sales and super deals recurring these days, I offer 30% off any item from today to tuesday!

Have fun!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas is coming!

The end of November caught me unprepared! The holidays are at a stone throw and I'm supposed to arrange...a huge amount of things! I feel a little guilty about the Etsy shop, mainly because my mind is elsewhere - and I'm always too close to fall asleep!

To feel better, I'm going to show you some new entries that I think can make a nice and original Christmas gift!

First of all, the new version of my reusable shopping bags, with the nice cotton lace you've already met!

...Then guess who came back?! The curly necklace, one of my best friends, and exclusive designs by Elettrarossa!

I have a couple more ready I was saying, I couldn't find the time to list them online...I foresee a busy etsy-stuff-related week end!

Have a nice day,


Friday, 8 November 2013

...A Blue Messenger Bag!

I made my first attempt with something more sophisticated than a shopping bag...Although I love shopping bags and keep making them as well  - next time I'll show you some variations on a theme!

This shoulder strap pannier is made out of teal velvet and sky-blue silk. I chose velvet as now cotton would be too summery, I think. Teal and sky blue are awesome together, a perfect combo for cheering up our autumn/winter outfits!

The bag is entirely lined with blue silk and there is a internal pocket for the phone. Because, for Murphy's law, a ringing phone always manages to reach the bottom of a woman's bag, while she's desperately trying to grasp it.

I added a stiff bottom, which I made inserting a piece of cardboard between the velvet and the lining. It seems to me a good feature, at least esthetically, but I don't think it makes an actual difference.

If you want to do it yourself, use the tips I wrote here, and this handy how-to for the square bottom. The internal pocket is attached on the right side of the lining, while the silk lid is to sew together with the shoulder strap in between the two fabric layers. That's it!

Have a nice week end!

Friday, 1 November 2013

A Wool Skirt for the Winter Coming.

Some time has passed since I wrote about my sewing adventures! To make it right, today I show you a very-very easy skirt you can Do it Yourself in a few hours.

I thought a wool skirt could just be another nightmare back from my childhood, but this is fancy enough. Then I had some scraps of wool I absolutely wanted to use...and the cotton lace I retrieved from Italy!

I used a tutorial you can find here. The woman in the video is a good teacher - it's a step by step video tutorial - plus...her sewing machine is awesome!

I'm happy with the result, but I learnt a few disturbing things: a) working with leftovers is very annoying, as you run out of fabric all the time; b) wool is not easy to sew, and actually unpleasant to handle...probably because of the starchy stiffener they put on it. Bleah!

Have a nice week end,