Friday, 1 November 2013

A Wool Skirt for the Winter Coming.

Some time has passed since I wrote about my sewing adventures! To make it right, today I show you a very-very easy skirt you can Do it Yourself in a few hours.

I thought a wool skirt could just be another nightmare back from my childhood, but this is fancy enough. Then I had some scraps of wool I absolutely wanted to use...and the cotton lace I retrieved from Italy!

I used a tutorial you can find here. The woman in the video is a good teacher - it's a step by step video tutorial - plus...her sewing machine is awesome!

I'm happy with the result, but I learnt a few disturbing things: a) working with leftovers is very annoying, as you run out of fabric all the time; b) wool is not easy to sew, and actually unpleasant to handle...probably because of the starchy stiffener they put on it. Bleah!

Have a nice week end,