Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas is coming!

The end of November caught me unprepared! The holidays are at a stone throw and I'm supposed to arrange...a huge amount of things! I feel a little guilty about the Etsy shop, mainly because my mind is elsewhere - and I'm always too close to fall asleep!

To feel better, I'm going to show you some new entries that I think can make a nice and original Christmas gift!

First of all, the new version of my reusable shopping bags, with the nice cotton lace you've already met!

...Then guess who came back?! The curly necklace, one of my best friends, and exclusive designs by Elettrarossa!

I have a couple more ready I was saying, I couldn't find the time to list them online...I foresee a busy etsy-stuff-related week end!

Have a nice day,



  1. Don't feel guilty, they're both so beautiful!

  2. che carina la borsa..una bella idea regalo..

  3. Very pretty! This next month is going to go by soooooo fast ;)

    1. ...isn't it?! I'm kind of (nicely) worried about that!