Saturday, 14 December 2013

3000 Italian Makers are now Online!

Hello! How are you? I'm quite happy for I've got a few sales more on December, so these days I was pleasantly busy. Besides...the fabric I had ordered eventually arrived, and I can start sewing!

In the latest post I wrote about teams and collaboration. I told you something about the Irish one, but what about the Italians on Etsy?!

Well, the Etsy Italia Team is right now celebrating a great achievement: 3000 mates! It's quite a number for such a small and "specialized" team! The good news for everyone passionate about handmade is that now you can find 3000 talented Italian artists and artisans on Etsy, meaning online, and easy accessible.
To find out where they are you can either add the "etsyitaliateam" tag in your researches on Etsy, or browse the directory of makers from the EIT page.

Taken by the enthusiasm, yesterday everyone was asked to compose a dedicated treasury to spread the word! Here I post just a few of them, among which the one I did on Doctor Who...and others I'm featured in.

....Have a nice week end!