Saturday, 19 April 2014

Obi Belt How-To. The Easy Easter Tutorial

After introducing my new obi belts, I thought to share a basic tutorial I came up with so that everyone can create his/her own. This is a simple version, which I believe it's great for beginners!

You'll need:
  • 8 cotton squares, each about 15 x 15 cm. You can buy the squares OR make them yourself using your own fabric leftovers.
  • Felt, any color. Here again you can use any soft leftovers, from old jumpers to whatever.
  • 2.5 m cotton bias, or strips of cloth, possibly of a nice matching color. The bias must be at least 3 cm wide if you want to sew on it the belt loop, but this is optional.
  • Matching-color thread.
  • Scissors.


Well, I start making the patchwork out of the 8 squares, placing them like this:


Then I fold the patchwork with the right side of the fabric inside, like this: 
...and sew together the *long* open sides. I now have a funny tube, and I turn it inside out. This is going to be the patchwork cover of my padded obi. 

So...your patchwork cover should look like this, on one side:

....and like that, on the other, right?! Let's go ahead!

I cut a piece of felt slightly smaller than the patchwork cover, and make it slip inside, like this:

...and - surprise! - I make slip through also the cotton bias (or strip of cloth)! Yes, exactly the same way I did with the felt. Easy-easy, I told you so!
Now I fold inside the patchwork loose ends for a flawless finish, and pin all together, having great care to grasp the felt and the bias within.

Last but not least, I sew a straight seam where I pinned.
And that's it, the patchwork padded obi is now ready!

....Now, if you want to add a belt loop, just use your sewing machine eyelet program, and make a button hole on the side you prefer. It will look and work like this:
I totally prefer to add the eyelet, so that when you fasten the belt, the two strings do not overlap on the back.

...Ok, this tutorial was kind of a clumsy attempt, but know, first times are always messy!

Have a nice week end, and Easter!



  1. Love the fabric you chose tot this project. Fabulous work!!

    1. Actually my nephew chose it, so thank you on his behalf!

  2. Fun and cute tutorial. Thanks for sharing. And I love the fabrics.

    1. Thank you Sheryl, it is very easy going, but I'll try to improve :D

  3. Interessante questo DIY, grazie! Lucy

  4. Simply terrific! Really elegant!
    Congrats Elettra :-) Obi belts

  5. Been looking for a simple obi belt tutorial for a costume I'm making - this is perfect and not very complicated! I am new to sewing and have confidence that this will come out awesome :) thank you!

    1. So pleased to be helpful! See also this other tutorial- in case you want an alternative: