Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Padded Obi Belt!

....And here we are, as promised, with a post about my new obi belts!

I like to think about them as a curious accessory, carefree and serious at once! These obi belts were actually born from a weird idea of mine: putting together a traditional texture (they are padded with felt) and a lighthearted, whimsical look (the patchwork fantasy). IMMO, this combination makes them unique, and irresistible!

I bought the patchwork squares in a super-cute shop here in the neighbourhood. My four years old nephew chose them for me, and I couldn't agree more! Recurrent themes are the city, with rows of funny houses, maps, words, and numbers...
I padded the patchwork with felt, as it is the most soft material ever. I thought a little about it, but a proper filling (i.e. the one for quilting) would have been too much, while the fusible interlining wasn't soft nor thick enough.
The strings -  actually is one only, passing between the cotton layers - are made out of pure black cotton lint, which is a exceptionally elastic and strong fabric.

Some more details: this kind of obi is double-face, and thought to be fasten on the back or side with a bow. Nonetheless, the strings are long enough to be knotted on the front. They all have a belt loop - the eyelet you see on the right - so that the strings do not overlap behind the back, and they can easily fit every size (XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL).

So...what do you think?!

Have a nice day,