Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Red Wedding Dress, Part II. Handmade Disasters!



At our first appointment, my friend put on the muslin of her wedding dress and...Oooops, it wasn't her size! Awkward moments, those - fortunately followed by big smiles, appreciation words, and all. But I was terrified. Again.

...Then we had this very intense week, with the bride coming over almost every day. Nonetheless, alterations based on the original pattern seemed beyond my skills, so I took her measurements again, and made up with a first, then a second, and eventually a third bodice - one every two days, basically. 
But each of those had something... not quite right!

I draw patterns on IKEA paper for children flip-boards.
That's the reason why.

Given the situation, after ten days, I took a deep breath and did the following - maybe unorthodox! - thing: I let my friend wear the latest bodice. With her standing in front of a mirror - for her to say what she liked better, but she stayed quite silent -, I started reducing it, until they were hand and glove.

the cut: front right 

...Well, rather than a glove, the bodice at that point looked more like Frankenstein's, but I wasn't discouraged. I unmade it, and create a new pattern from its pieces.

...that would be the sleeve!!!

It took many days to do all the work, so... two weeks ahead of the big day, I advised my friend against my own skills!

...isn't it front right again? Sorry, I got confused! 
The tablecloth is not helping, anyway.

She kindly accepted to buy a back-up dress, for her wedding's (and my) sake. We went everywhere, from a fancy vintage fair in Dún Laoghaire to cheap department stores. We found many great accessories, but not a suitable back-up dress. Eventually, she managed to buy the perfect substitute in a vintage showroom in Dublin city center...but doing so, she gave up with another piece of her dream: the circle skirt.

....definitely 1950s!

Instead of feeling relieved, when I saw it I just felt bad. A bride should have the dress she feels right for herself. If she wanted a 1950s dress, with a circle skirt, then she would have it! We continued working hard.

...all I needed. Plus many hours of work no one ever talks about on youtube!

Of course in the meantime I struggled with the faux silk. I discovered that a perfectly fitting dress is a pity to sew, especially with a stiff fabric that commits suicide every time a pin dares touch it. Beware of those. And I also struggled with the pinking shears, which work great. In fact, once I just cut off the hem and the dress, without noticing.

"Bummer, I initialised the dress".

Anyway, after many other inevitable disasters, miraculously, two days before the wedding (actually one and a half), the dress was ready, and I had the pleasure to personally deliver it! What a relief!

O dear, I bought myself an ice-cream, and walked back home.
I love it when a plan comes together.
Look, a '50s red dress, with a circle skirt!

The story of the red wedding dress ends here. Next post, I'll show you how to Do It Yourself! 

Have a nice day,



  1. wow che bello...troppo originale

    1. Grazie Maria Felicia! Premetto che sia la scelta del rosso sia la mise 1950s sono idee - anche a mio parere geniali! - della sposa, io ho solo eseguito...

  2. adoro questo modello di gonna anni 50!!!
    mi ricordano troppo Grease e farle girare è troppo divertente!
    ♡EFFENSHION…essence † fashion

    1. ...sono d'accordo! Io non l'avevo mai fatto e mi sono esaltata! Devo dire che anche dal punto di vista sartoriale ha un suo perché!

  3. Elettra mi lasci senza parole <3 <3 <3
    che bella e tu fai sembrare facile la realizzazione di questa gonna, ma io so che non è così e che ci vuole talento.
    Un bacione e buona domenica
    The Indian Savage Diary

  4. So glad everything came together in time! The dress is beautiful.

    I hope that ice cream was a double dip ;)

  5. Questa gonna è meravigliosa, brava! Lucy

  6. I would say that the plan came together beautifully! Ice cream is always a nice treat!

  7. Ripensavo... a quanto vorrei vederti all'opera. Deve essere magnifico.
    Un bacione
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary

  8. Grazie Maggie! Prima o poi mi darò anche ai video!

  9. ma che spettacolo! Complimenti :))
    Un bacione

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